How To Use Comment Optins

About Comment Optins:

Comment Optins are a really powerful tool to increase subscriptions. They give your viewers the opportunity to subscribe to your mailing lists anytime they comment on your site.

Once activated they utilize WordPress’s comment’s feature, to add a checkbox giving a subscription option to your comment form. Whether people need to be signed in to comment on your site or leave an email as they comment we will send that email to your mailing list.

Before you begin:
Comment Optins are available with any level of Optin Cat Premium. Head here for details, or to purchase.

Comment Optins will only work if you are using WordPress’s default comments.

Enabling Comment Optins:

1. Go to Optin Cat > Settings > PowerUps in your WordPress dashboard.

2. Enable the toggle for Comment Optins.

3. A new Comment Optin area will appear under Optin Cat. Go there to setup your comment optins.


Setting Up Comment Optins:

1. Enable the comment optin checkbox.

2. Change what will be displayed next to the Comment Optin checkbox.

3. Enable or disable the checkbox as being pre-selected.

4. Choose your email marketing provider.


From here the steps are slightly different for each provider, but the same as how it’s done for individual forms. More details on integrating with each individual provider can be found here:

How To Integrate Optin Cat With my Email Marketing Provider

And that’s all it takes to add this powerful marketing tool to your site!

Still have questions on this, or anything else? Please feel free to file a ticket with our Support Staff at

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