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How To Integrate Optin Cat With my Email Marketing Provider

Optin Cat integrates directly with many major email marketing providers. Setup is quick and easy, just follow these steps.

Before you begin:
This article is helpful for free and premium users. It does, however, reference some premium only features. Head here for details, or to purchase.

Also, free users will not need to choose a provider, as the free plugins are provider specific. Not all providers listed here are available with the free versions.

Quiz Cat can integrate with the following major email marketing providers:

  • Active Campaign
  • AWeber
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • Mad Mimi
  • MailChimp

Don’t see your provider listed? We also integrate with Zapier. Check with them to see if they support your provider.


1. Go to your Dashboard -> Optin Cat -> Add New or Select your previously created form.

2. Go to Email Marketing Provider section -> Choose your provider from the drop down list.

Integration varies for each provider. Select the tab for your provider for detailed instructions.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign

3. Enter your ActiveCampaign URL and API key into the required field. These can be found by signing into your Active Campaign account, under My Settings -> Developer.


4. Select your List that you would want your Optin Cat form to populate. And you’re done!



3. Enter your Aweber Authorization code into the required field.

4. Select your List that you would want your Optin Cat form to populate. That’s all it takes.

Using Tags:

As of Optin Cat 1.7 we fully support the use of AWeber’s new ‘Tags’! Just add any Tags that you would like applied to subscribers using this Form. You can add multiple tags at once, (comma separated), and they will be added permanently to the form below just below:


Tags can be used in various ways within Aweber, including in their new Campaigns Beta. Go to their documentation on Tags for more information on how to use these powerful tools.

Setting up Aweber Single Optin:

Want to set up single optin for Aweber? Read this post:

How To Set Up Aweber Single Optin (Disable Aweber Double Optin) In WordPress

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

3. Enter both your Campaign Monitor API Key and Client ID into the two required fields.

4. Select your List that you would want your Optin Cat form to populate, and you’re done.



3. Enter your Drip API Token. The Drip API token can be found under Settings → My User Settings.

4. Enter your Drip Account ID. The Drip account ID can be found under Settings → Site Setup.

5. Choose between “Subscribe to campaign”, “Record an event” or “Apply a tag”.

How to filter the custom ‘name’ field sent to drip:

By default, Optin Cat optionally sends a custom field called ‘name’ to Drip, based on the name field the subscriber filled out on the Optin Cat opt in form.  If you’d like to change the ‘name’ field to something else, for example, ‘firstname’, we provide a WordPress filter.  Add the following code to your functions.php file for your theme to customize the value:

function custom_drip_name_callback( $string ) {
  return 'firstname';
add_filter( 'fca_eoi_drip_name', 'custom_drip_name_callback' );



3. Enter your API Key. It can be found here.

4. Choose a list, and you’re done.

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi

3. Enter your Mad Mimi API key into the required field (which can be found here, under the API tab on right hand side)


4. Select your List that you would want your Optin Cat form to populate. And you’re done!



3. Enter your Mailchimp account API key into the required field.

4. Select your List that you would want your Optin Cat form to populate.

email marketing provider

Check out these advanced features for MailChimp:



3. First, click here to get access to the Optin Cat app in Zapier. Now you need to begin creating a Zap!

A Zap is a way to send and receive data from one place to another. For our purposes, your zap will begin with the Optin Cat trigger and end with where you want this data sent and compiled. The possibilities are endless.

4. Click to “Create Zap” or “Make a Zap”. Under “Choose App & Event“, choose “Optin Cat” and it should autoload “Choose Trigger Event” to be “Form Submission”. Now click “Continue”.

When prompted to do so, paste your Webhook URL into Optin Cat and Save.


5.  Go view your optin form and provide a test email optin for Zapier to use. Then go back to Zapier and select ‘Continue’. Now you need to “Test your trigger” by clicking the “Test Trigger” button. Zapier will find that test info and use it to help you setup your action. If it worked, click “Continue”

6. Then choose your “Choose App & Event“. This is where Zapier will send and compile the information. Zapier will help you set up how the information is handled, using your test as an example.

7. Once the action for your Zap is setup, it is ready to use. Just be sure to activate your Zap in Zapier, and you’re all set.

This is a very basic tutorial, with nearly limitless possibility we can’t possibly cover all of Zapier’s capabilities here. Once you have Zapier setup, check their resources for more details on how to make Optin Cat interact with all sorts of things!

That’s all it takes to integrate Optin Cat with your email marketing provider.

If you still need assistance with this or anything else regarding our plugins please feel free to contact our support at fatcatapps.com/support/.

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