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How To Create & Publish a Two-Step Optin

Here’s how to create a Two-Step Optin using Optin Cat. A two-step optin is a fully customizable pop-up form that is triggered when a visitor clicks on a button on your site.

Before you begin:
Two Step Optins are available only for Optin Cat Premium Customers. Head here for details, or to purchase.


1. Go to your Dashboard -> Optin Cat -> Add New.

2. Click Popups and select a layout you like.

3. Next, configure your popup design. You can customize all content and colors. You can even change the widths of, or hide, certain elements.


4. Integrate Optin Cat with your provider (click here to learn more).

5. Choose whether to display a thank you message on page, or  redirect to a “Thank You page”.

6. Go to Publication and choose  Two-Step Optin.

7. Click “Save” at the bottom once you are finished setting up your optin.

If using Gutenberg blocks, please read step 8.

If using the shortcode, please skip to step 10.

8. Now go to the post or page you want to publish on.  Then click the “+” sign for the area you wish to add the 2-step optin to. Scroll down to find the “Widgets” section of blocks and look for “Optin Cat Two-Step Optin”.


9. Now once the widget block loads, look for the dropdown that says “Select an Optin Form” and select your chosen 2-step optin.

Now you just need to click “Publish” and you are done.

If planning to use shortcode.

10. Copy your call to action button (you can configure your call to action text here too), eg: <button data-optin-cat="225">Download</button>.

11. Paste the HTML code for your button into a “Custom HTML Block”. (if you are using the classic editor past the code anywhere into the Text/HTML editor side of the editor, not the visual editor).


Two-step optins can be added to any kind of link, not just buttons. You can also display a plain text link, or use an image or banner inside of your link:

  • Image:
    <a href="#" data-optin-cat="1265"><img src="/my-image.png"/></a>
  • Plain text link:
    <a href="#" data-optin-cat="1265">Free Download</a>

And that’s all there is to creating and deploying your two-step optins with Optin Cat.

If you still need assistance with this, or anything else regarding our plugins, please feel free contact our support at fatcatapps.com/support/.

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