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How To Create & Publish a Optin Bar

Optin Bars are optimized to look great on both mobile, and desktop, devices. They won’t interrupt your mobile viewers experience, and conform to Google’s new Mobile Popup Update.

Before you begin:
Optin Bars are available with any level of Optin Cat Premium. Head here for details, or to purchase.

If you want to learn more about optimizing your site for mobile devices, according to Google’s Mobile Algorithm change, read our blog post on the Google Algorithm Update.

Here’s how to create and publish Optin Bars with Optin Cat. Your Optin Bars are fully customizable, and will display when, and where, you want.

1. Go to your Dashboard -> Optin Cat -> Add New.

2. Click Optin Bars and select the Layout of your choice.

3. Next, configure your bar’s design. You can customize all content and colors. You can even change the widths of, or hide, certain elements.

4. Integrate Optin Cat with your provider (click here to learn more).

5. Choose whether to display a thank you message immediately, or  redirect to a “Thank You” page.

6. To deploy your Optin Bar, scroll to the “Publication” section and configure your targeting options.

Optin Cat Premium comes with the following targeting options:

  • Display Frequency:
    • One every page view.
    • Once per visit.
    • Once per day.
    • Once per month.
    • Only once.
  • Desktop/Mobile
  • Number of pageviews during this visit is at least X.
  • Scrolled down on current page at least X%.
  • Time on page is at least X seconds.
  • Only show on the following posts/pages/categories.
  • Never show on the following posts/pages/categories.
  • Exit intervention (only part of Business + Elite plans).

7.  When ready, deploy by clicking the ‘Go Live’ switch.

8. Hit save, and you’re done.

And that’s all there is to creating and deploying your Optin Bars with Optin Cat.

If you still need assistance with this or anything else regarding our plugins please feel free to contact our support at fatcatapps.com/support/.

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