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How To Test My Email Provider Integration (My Email Provider Integration Isn’t Working)

In this article, we will discuss testing and troubleshooting practices to make sure your optin forms are working with your email marketing provider.

Before you begin:
This article is helpful for both free and premium users of Optin Cat and Landing Page Cat. Only Premium users of Quiz Cat have access to these features.

First make sure you have successfully integrated with your account, and have selected a list.


After you set up your account, try to do a test submission.

If you are using the Thank You Message and your email provider integration works, you’ll see a success message. If it doesn’t you’ll see an error message.

For Optin Cat
, If you’re using a “Thank You Page”, users will be redirected to it, no matter if the email provider integration works. We prefer using a custom thank you page, but it’s best to use “Display Immediately” for testing.

Next, please check your email inbox. You should have received a confirmation email (unless you’re using single optin). Click the confirmation link in this email. (Note that it might take a few minutes for your confirmation email to show up.)

Next, log int your email marketing tool and check if the new email was added to your list. (Note that it can take up to 15 minutes for a new subscriber to show up inside of your email marketing tool.)


If subscriptions do not appear to be working, there are a few small things to try.

1. Try resetting your API key through your provider, and reconnecting your forms. (For Aweber, de-authorize Optin Cat from your apps, then try a new Auth Code).

2. Often, caching or speed optimizing plugins will cause the required files not to run. For this reason, it is a good idea to turn these plugins off temporarily and clear the cache from your server to see if that solves the issue. Most caching plugins have the ability to ignore other plugins more getting cache. You can consult with them on the best solution.

3. Make sure you are using a working email that is not already part of your lists and does not contain any common phrases, like “info” or “test”.

4. Check your settings.

  • Make sure emails from your provider can make it to your personal email (IE: the sending email is whitelisted).
  • And check that your lists do not have any restrictions in place that could cause subscriptions to be rejected (Ex: Like a mandatory name field, when you are not using name on your optin form).

Please contact our support at if, despite you going through this process, new subscribers aren’t added to your list.

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