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How To Integrate Quiz Cat with your Email Marketing Provider


With Quiz Cat Lead Capture you can add a signup form that you can integrate with your email marketing provider. This turns Quiz Cat into a powerful email marketing tool.

Before you begin:
This feature is available only with a Quiz Cat Business, or Elite, license. Head here if you have questions about features available to you.

Quiz Cat can integrate with the following major email marketing providers:

  • Active Campaign
  • AWeber
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • MadMimi
  • Campaign Monitor
  • ConvertKit

Don’t see your provider listed? We also integrate with Zapier. Check with them to see if they support your provider.

Enabling Lead Capture:

1. Go to the 3. Results tab, of your chosen quiz.

Then, go to the Lead Capture section and turn on Capture Emails.

2. Decide if you want a name field for your signup form.

3. Decide whether viewers can skip to their results without signup (Choosing no makes signup mandatory before continuing).

4. You can customize your text for the form headline and subscribe button.


Integrating with your Provider:

5. Select your provider from the dropdown menu, and provide your credentials.

Select the tab for your provider for detailed instructions.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign

6. Enter your Active Campaign API Access URL, and API Access Key.

The link underneath will guide you to the Active Campaign login page. Your Active Campaign API Access URL, and Key, can be found under My Settings > Developer.

7. Now choose your list.

8. You may add multiple tags to the quiz as well. Make them comma separated, and be sure to hit add.




5. Now choose AWeber as your provider.

6. Enter your AWeber Authorization Code (the link will guide you there).

7. Now choose your list.

8. You may add multiple tags to the quiz as well. Make them comma separated, and be sure to hit add.





6. Enter your Drip  Account ID and API token.

The link will guide you to the Drip login page.
-Your Drip Account ID number can be found under Settings > Site Setup.
-Your Drip API Token can be found be under Settings > My User Settings.

7. Now choose your list.

8. You may add multiple tags as well. Make them comma separated, and be sure to hit add.




6. Enter your GetResponse API key (the link will guide you there).

7. Now choose your list.




6. Enter your MailChimp API key (the link will guide you there).

7. Choose whether to use a single or double optin (single optins do not require a confirmation email).

8. Choose your list.

9. If your list has any interest groups setup you can assign multiple groups to the subscriber as well.




6. First, click here to get access to the Quiz Cat app in Zapier. Now you need to begin creating a Zap!

A Zap is a Zapier function to send and receive data from one place to another. For our purposes, your zap will begin with the Quiz Cat trigger and end with where you want this data sent and compiled. The possibilities are endless.

7. Click to “Create Zap” or “Make a Zap”. Under “Choose App & Event“, choose “Quiz Cat” and it should autoload “Choose Trigger Event” to be “New Quiz Submission”. Now click “Continue”.

As you select your trigger (Quiz Cat), you will need to test it before continuing to selecting your Action. When prompted to do so paste your Webhook URL into Quiz Cat and Save and Preview.

8. Take your quiz in the preview and complete it, then provide a test email for Zapier to use. Then go back to Zapier and select ‘Continue’. Now you need to “Test your trigger” by clicking the “Test Trigger” button. Zapier will find that info and use it to help you setup your action. If it worked, click “Continue”. If it did not work, then just try clicking “Test Trigger” again. Otherwise, check that you entered the Zapier webhook correctly into Quiz Cat.

9. Then choose your Action. This is where Zapier will send and compile the information. Zapier will help you set up how the information is handled, using your test as an example.

10. We give the following fields to Zapier; name, email, quiz, result.

One of the easiest ways to view this information is by having Zapier output to a Google Docs spreadsheet. You can also send it to different email marketing providers.

11. Once your Zap is completed, just be sure to activate it. You are now ready to go as your quiz already has the appropriate information.

Head here to learn “How To Segment Your Leads Based on Results”.

And that’s all there is to integrating Quiz Cat with your email marketing provider.

If you still need assistance with this or anything else regarding our plugins please feel free to contact our support at fatcatapps.com/support/.

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