How To Upgrade my License

Do you want to upgrade your license to get access to more features and/or website installs?

Or, do you want to upgrade to our bundle, which contains all our plugins at a steep discount?

No problem. You can upgrade your licenses anytime.

How much is it? License upgrades are prorated. Say you bought a license for $49 and want to upgrade to a license costing $99, you’ll need to pay $50.

Upgrading your Fatcat Apps License :

1. Log into your account,

2. Locate your download and click “View Licenses”;


3. Locate your purchase and click “View Upgrades”.


4. Choose your Level and click “Upgrade License”!

5. Proceed to checkout.

Once upgraded your license should remain the same, but you will need to install the new upgraded version of your product.

6. Install

After upgrading you will need to install your new product(s) and activate it with your new licenses. Head here for instructions.

If you still need assistance with this or anything else regarding our plugins please feel free to contact our support at

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