How To Activate my Plugin

Activating any of our premium products is easy. Just follow these steps.


1. Go to your WP Admin Dashboard -> Plugins.

2. Step 2: Deactivate any free or older versions of the plugin.

3. Install the updated plugin zip-file that you may download from your Fatcat Apps Account (if you have not done so already. detailed instructions).

4. Afterward, Find your product in the sidebar of your WordPress Dashboard.

5. Open the resulting drop-down, and select Licensing or Settings, (depending on your product)

6. Enter your license key, click Activate – then Save at the bottom, and you’re done. The license key can be found in your original purchase email and also in your Fatcat Apps Account.

What if my license status does not change?

Some web hosts have issues communicating with our licensing software. If you receive any error messages referencing a cURL, contact your web host and show them the error message in full. This can usually be resolved fully by an update to the cURL by your web host.


If the above steps do not help, or you are unable to activate for other reasons, You can manually activate any of our premium plugins by going to your Fatcat Apps Account > View Licenses > Add your site to your license.

Afterward, you can ignore the “inactive” status as this would resolve the issue for you.

However, automatic update notification may not show up in your WordPress Dashboard.

In order to update your plugin, you would need to go to your Fatcat Apps Account and re-download our plugin to get the updated version.

Then you would need to remove the old version and reinstall the updated version. You will not lose any previously saved work this way.

If you still need assistance with this or anything else regarding our plugins please feel free to contact our support at

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