How To Create Your First Pricing Table

Creating your first pricing table is easy. Here’s a quick start guide to help.

Before you begin:

Easy Pricing Tables uses Gutenberg to build the tables. If you have disabled Gutenberg, you will need to turn it back on to build a table using Easy Pricing Tables.

This article is useful for free and premium customers. However, it references some premium only features. Head here for details or to purchase.


1. Go to Pricing Tables -> Add New, to begin.

2. Choose your option on how you will add your table to your website.

3. Choose your layout. Colors and sizes are all fully customizable for each table, among other features. Not seeing this screen? Click here for help.

4. Click on the different text parts of the table to add your own content. All your names, prices, and features can be added here.

5. Use the menu at the top of your table to change the table to suit your needs. Here you can

  • Insert more columns.
  • Delete columns.
  • Set one of the columns as “Most Popular”.
  • Move the columns to the left or right.
  • Increase and decrease the font size.
  • Make your text bold and italic.
  • Add a link.
  • Add images and strikethrough.

Premium Version

  • Add Icons
  • Add Tooltips
  • Add WooCommerce Products

Note: Depending on how many columns you are adding, your columns might go into a new line or not fit within your website’s theme. Make sure your theme is wide enough to accept the table you plan to use.

6. Use the menu on the right to change the colors of your table, the font family and miscellaneous options and the template.

Depending on your chosen layout, you will have different options available in the “Options” dropdown.

Note: On the premium version (Business & Agency) of Easy Pricing Tables, you can add a pricing toggle from the “Options” dropdown menu.

7. To save your table, give your table a title at the top and click the “Update” button in the top right of the screen.

Publish your table.

8. There are two ways to deploy your tables after building them. You can use the traditional shortcode method or a Gutenberg “Pricing Tables” block. We recommend just copy and pasting the shortcode into your page/post.

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9A. Shortcode
Copy the shortcode that appears at the top of your table after clicking to update. Paste this shortcode into a page or post.

If you cannot find the shortcode, you can click on “All Pricing Tables” to find a list of your tables you saved. You may use this shortcode to place your table on any page or post.


9B. Gutenberg Block
Navigate to the page or post you will be placing your table. Click the “+” sign at the top left to add a new block. Then simply select “Reusable” as your option to add. Now click on your chosen table to add to your page or post.


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