How To Install my Plugin

Note: If you have the free version of the plugin installed, please deactivate it first. Your data won’t be deleted and will re-appear once you install the premium version.

First, retrieve your plugin (eg., easy-pricing-tables-agency-2.3.7). You can download the plugin from the purchase receipt (sent to you via email), or by logging into your account (you’ve received a login via email).

Installing any of our premium plugins can be done in 2 different ways.

Method 1: Installing the plugin via the WordPress admin panel

This is the recommended way of installing all of the Fatcat Apps premium plugins.

Step 1: Go to Plugins -> Add New

Step 2: Go to Upload -> Choose File

Step 3: Select your downloaded zip-file from your computer

Step 4: Click “Install Now”

Step 5: Click “Activate”.

Method 2: Installing the plugin via FTP

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a rule or service for allowing easy transfer of files from one place to another on a network. Some notable FTP clients that are available free to use are FileZilla (Windows, Mac, Linux), WinSCP (Windows only), and some others. This WikiHow article explains more about how to connect and use an FTP client.

You can use this approach if the plugin install via the WordPress admin panel fails or if you prefer to use FTP.

Step 1: Unzip the Plugin’s .zip file. The file will be named after your product and the current version.
Step 2: Connect to your server using FTP.
Step 3: Navigate to your “wp-content” folder within your WordPress install.
Step 4: Navigate to your “plugins” folder.
Step 5: Upload your plugin folder (eg., easy-pricing-tables-agency-2.3.7) to this location.
Step 6: Log into your WordPress admin and go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins
Step 7: Locate your newly installed plugin here, and click “activate”.

That’s all there is to it. If you still need assistance with this or anything else regarding our plugins please feel free to contact our support at

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