How To Add a Table to WPBakery


Adding your pricing table to your page or post using WPBakery is easy. Here’s a quick start guide to help.

Before you begin:
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Take your table shortcode. It will look something like [ept3-block id="154"]. You will find the shortcodes for your tables in “Pricing Tables – All Pricing Tables”.

1. Open up the page or post where you wish to add your table. Now click the + sign to add a new element. Next, type “HTML” into the search box on the top right to add a Raw HTML element.


2. On the “Raw HTML Settings” window that appears, paste in your table shortcode like this –



3. At the bottom, click the “Save Changes” button to lock in your table.

4. Then click the “Update” button to save your whole page/post, and you are done.


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