Optin Cat 2.0 Adds Slide Ins, Optin Bars + Success Cookies

David Hehenberger January 17, 2017

We’ve just released Optin Cat 2.0. This release is the culmination of weeks of hard work. The update comes with plenty of big & small improvements that I’m sure you’ll love.

The changelog:

With the addition of Optin Bars & Slide Ins, Optin Cat now comes with 7 kinds of optins:

Optin Bar: An unobtrusive but effective way to get more email subscribers

An Optin Bar is a narrow bar displayed on the top or bottom of your site that includes an optin form. It only takes up a small amount of screen real estate.

It’s unobtrusive – it doesn’t hurt your visitor’s experience – but effective at the same time.

Optin Bars look great on all devices and all screen sizes.

As with popups, you can use our smart targeting engine to trigger your Optin Bar. Targeting rules include:

Optin Bars also support our Animation Effects Powerup (part of Optin Cat Elite). Using this powerup, you can make your Optin Bars stand out from the crowd.

Optin Bar is included in Optin Cat Premium. You can learn more about Optin Cat Premium here.

Slide In: A polite, but persistent way to grow your list.

Slide Ins are much less obtrusive than popups, but still deliver great results.

Like all other parts of Optin Cat, Slide Ins work & look great on all devices.

Slide Ins also come with our advanced targeting engine – letting you exactly choose how to trigger your slide-in (eg. after the user scrolls, after a time delay, or only on specific posts/categories/tags).

Like Popups & Optin Bars, Slide Ins go really well with Optin Cat’s Animation Effects Powerup (included in Optin Cat Elite).

Slide Ins are part of Optin Cat’s Business & Elite plans. You can learn more about Optin Cat Premium here

Success Cookie

Do you want to stop showing your optins to visitors after they’ve opted in? We’ve added a neat success cookie to Optin Cat.

After your visitor subscribes, we’ll make make sure he or she doesn’t see the same optin form again. Success cookies are supported by Popups, Optin Bars and Slide Ins.

In an effort to make the internet a better place for all of us, we’ve added the success cookie to all versions of Optin Cat, including Optin Cat free. 🙂

Other news

Google has just rolled out a mobile search algorithm update that negatively affects sites displaying popups on mobile devices. For more information on “Google mobile popup update” workarounds & best practices, please read this post.

Also, we’ve soft-launched a couple new, free plugins over the last weeks. Full announcements are coming soon, but if you’re curious you can check them out:

The release of Optin Cat 2.0 marks some of the biggest improvements to Optin Cat to date. It’s the culmination of more than 1000 hours of development effort that we put into Optin Cat in the last few months.

I hope you like it.

David Hehenberger

Founder, Fatcat Apps

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