Introducing Easy Pricing Tables 3.0

Andrew Buck June 17, 2021

We’ve got a brand new, easier way to build pricing tables for your WordPress site.

This is Easy Pricing Tables version 3. Our most popular WordPress plugin, around for almost 10 years, redesigned for today’s WordPress.

This is not just an update – it’s a full rebuild. That means cleaner code, faster loading, and better compatibility with WordPress 5.0 and above.

For you, that means it’s easier to create a professional, modern pricing table.

Read on to learn about the changes to Easy Pricing Tables, or click here to get started with Easy Pricing Tables Premium.

Built for the Block Editor

Easy Pricing Tables version 3 is built specifically for the block editor. This is a pretty big deal.

The block editor is the future of WordPress. It’s seen big improvements since the release of WordPress 5.0, and we’ll continue to see the same with future versions of WordPress core.

That’s why we decided that Easy Pricing Tables needs to go the same way.

The plugin now works directly in the block editor. To build a pricing table, just add the pricing table block, choose a template, and point and click to edit your table details.

This lets you see your changes in real time, as well as how your table’s going to look with the rest of your page.

The visual editing you get with Easy Pricing Tables 3 will save you a whole lot of time whenever you create a new table.

Backwards Compatibility, Legacy Experience and Support for Non-Block Pages

While the new plugin is built for the block editor, we want to keep support for WordPress users who do not use the block editor.

If you’re a fan of the classic editor, or you’re using page builders (like Elementor) to publish posts, Easy Pricing Tables is still 100% compatible.

You’ve got the option to build pricing tables in a separate, standalone, visual editor. This works for everyone – no matter your theme, or if you have the classic or block editor enabled.

Once you’re done building, just add your pricing table wherever you want with a shortcode.

Additionally, if you’re an existing user of Easy Pricing Tables and are worried about losing your old tables, or the old interface, we’ve thought of you as well.

Your existing tables will still be there – untouched and unchanged. The old pricing table editor is still there as well. When you build new tables, you can keep using this, or use the updated visual editor. It’s totally up to you.

Easy Pricing Tables doesn’t choose a side in the war between users of the block editor, classic editor and page builders. We’re on board with everyone.

New Table Designs

A big part of the update was to introduce some new, fresh designs.

A few of the old templates in Easy Pricing Tables were starting to look out of date in 2021. Now, you’ve got a new selection of professionally-designed, conversion-optimized pricing table layouts.

These tables are made for modern site designs. After all, it’s hard to make sales when your pricing tables look right out of 2011!

1-Click Everything

Editing and customizing your tables is super easy with our new editor.

Just about everything can be customized with a single click, and you’ll see how your changes look right away.

Point, click and type to change your plan or product details. Features, plan names, pricing – everything.

You can add a toggle with a single click now – much quicker and simpler than the toggle feature of the previous Easy Pricing Tables.

There are also color pickers and 15 pre-loaded font styles for you to quickly and easily customize your pricing table, and make it fit seamlessly with your site – no matter your theme or style.

Get Easy Pricing Tables 3.0 Today

If you’re running a service-based business, a physical ecommerce business, if you’re a freelancer, an agency, or anything else that has plans or products to offer, you can benefit from a clean and professional pricing table.

With the new redesign of Easy Pricing Tables, it just got even easier to build and publish pricing tables on your site. Get it now to try it for yourself, and see how Easy Pricing Tables 3 will help you get more sales.

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