Introducing Quiz Cat 2.0: Weighted Answers & Design Updates

Andrew Buck December 2, 2020

Now is as good a time as ever to start using quizzes for your WordPress site!

We’ve just released a big update – version 2.0 of Quiz Cat is live now. The new update comes with some frequently requested feature additions, that we’re super happy to ship.

The new update to Quiz Cat features a new quiz type – you can now create quizzes with weighted answers for more in-depth knowledge and trivia tests. We’ve also given you expanded design options, and overall given you the ability to make your quizzes’ appearance more modern and visually stimulating.

Here’s a run down of the new features added to Quiz Cat:

Weighted Answers

Weighted Answers quizzes are available on Quiz Cat Business and Quiz Cat Elite.

A much-requested feature, you can now create quizzes with weighted multiple choice answers.

There are three quiz types to choose from now – Multiple Choice (this is the classic “test” quiz type), Personality, and Weighted Answers.

A weighted quiz works like a regular multiple choice quiz would, on the quiz taker’s side. They’ll be given a selection of answers to choose from, and they choose which answer they believe to be correct.

The difference is, with this quiz type you can assign a number of points to each answer, instead of a simple right/wrong.

New Color Pickers

The new and improved Quiz Cat now has a dedicated “appearance” tab, with more options for you to customize the appearance of your awesome quiz.

Among these options are a bunch of new color pickers. You can quickly and easily customize the colors of your quiz font, answer boxes, buttons, and more.

Quiz Border, Answer Borders & Misc Design Improvements

Another design feature added is the border for your quiz, and your answer sections. In the appearance tab you can add a border to your quiz area, and customize the thickness, radius, and color of the border.

Same goes for your answer sections.

We’ve also added an improved hover animation for answers, to make your quizzes appear more modern and up to date.

Want to Try the New & Improved Quiz Cat?

Now’s the time for you to get Quiz Cat and try building fun, interactive quizzes on your site.

If you’re already a Quiz Cat user, contact us if you have any additional feature requests you’d like to see in future updates. New & existing users can also check out a demo of the new quiz type here.

Quiz Cat takes just a couple of minutes to set up. We promise you, Quiz Cat is the most user-friendly WordPress quiz plugin out there today.

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