Two-Step Optins: Boost subscribers by 700%

What is a Two-Step Optin ?

Traditionally, you get people to subscribe to your email list by displaying a form (such as a Post Box) on your site. This tried & proven method of growing your list works well, there’s nothing wrong with it.

A Two-Step Optin, on the other hand, is an optin form (a popup) that only displays after your visitor has clicked a button or link. This works great. Click here to demo this feature.

Why do Two-Step Optins work so well?

Once your visitor has clicked on your button or link, they’ll want to complete the action they’ve just begun – thus they’re very likely to enter their email address. In the world of psychology, this is called the Zeigarnik effect, named after the Soviet psychologist who discovered this phenomena in the 1920’s.

In a nutshell, we’re using a Soviet scientist’s findings from 100 years ago to grow your email list, and thus to grow your profits. If only Karl Marx knew 😉

There’s another reason Two-Step Optins work ridiculously well. Some people (in particular tech-savvy, experienced users) are getting “banner blindness” (or better, “optin form blindness”) and ignore most email optins scattered over the internet – they’ve seen enough.

If you can peak someone’s interested using a sneaky, plain looking text-link or button, you can get them to trigger an optin form. Even these savvy folks will be tempted to join your list once they trigger an optin – all thanks to the Zeigarnik effect.

How can I add Two-Step Optins to my site?

Using Optin Cat, adding Two-Step Optins to your site is a breeze. Simply create a popup and customize it with our powerful Optin Cat Editor.

Then, instead of deploying it the usual way, you’ll find a setting called “Two-Step Optin”. Enable this setting, and Optin Cat will generate a custom button for you.

Simply paste this button into your blog post, page, sidebar or wherever you want, and you’re good to go.

How to make the most of Two Step Optins?

While simple “Get Free Updates” links work extremely well in combination with Two-Step Optins, there’s ways to get even better results. Want to take things to the next level? Try Content Upgrades.

A content upgrade is a hyper-targeted resource (ebook, spreadsheet, PDF, etc..) that you give away on only one individual posts. For example, on a post called “How to build business dashboards with Google Spreadsheets”, you could include a button saying “Download Spreadsheet Template”. When your visitor clicks this button, he will see a Two-Step Optin asking them to opt in in order to receive their gift. This works extremely well. To learn more about content upgrades, please refer to this article.

Does growing your list by 700% sound good to you? Give Optin Cat a try here.

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