How To Publish my Landing Pages

Landing Page Cat has various behaviors you can set. These ‘Landing Page Behavior’ settings are how you will publish your landing pages. They decide when and where the page you create will be seen by your viewers. We will go over each option in detail here, so you know what works for you, and provide inspiration.

Before you begin:
This article is useful for free and premium customers. However, some of the options listed are only available for premium users. If you are interested in purchasing head Here.

Replace my Homepage

This option will completely replace your default homepage, making your original homepage inaccessible.. Mostly used to quickly create simple homepages for your new site, with dramatic effect, but also useful for collecting leads.

Publish on a Specific URL

This will publish your landing page on its own unique URL. You can assign a URL of an existing page, or create a new one. This is the recommended behavior for adding landing pages into your sales funnel or any reason you want an individual landing page. It’s also great for putting up a construction notice when working on one area of your site.

Replace my 404 Pages

This option turns all your those ‘Page not Found’ pages into a sleek and simple landing page, that can deliver your customized 404 message, and redirect the user back to your homepage with the button CTA.

Welcome Gate

The ‘Welcome Gate’ behavior creates a landing page that appears everywhere, on all pages of your site. Whether you want to collect leads before allowing access to your site, or always make a flashy entrance, this powerful option is for you. It can be made to appear to everyone, only first-time visitors, or only traffic from specific sources.

Head here for more details on setting up a ‘Welcome Gate’.

These are just some of the possible uses of these options, hope that’s helped to get you started.

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