How To Choose a “Call to Action”

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Landing Page Cat comes with various ‘Calls to Action’ for you to utilize in creating you pages. We will discuss their setup and possible uses here to help you get a better idea of what will work for you, and provide some inspiration.

Before you begin:
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Email Optin

Collect Subscribers

The ‘Email Optin’ CTA creates a simple signup form for you viewers. Used to collect peoples emails for marketing purposes. It’s designed for simplicity, and has only a name and email feild, and subscribe button. The name feild can be disabled as well.

  • The optin form can be integrated into various major email marketing providers, to add subscribers to you lists. Get more details here.
  • It can also store your optins locally, if you don’t have a provider, or are building a ‘coming soon page’
  • It can be paired with a ‘Welcome Gate’ to gather the emails of all first time visitors. Learn how to use a ‘Welcome Gate‘ here.
  • Use it when you are announcing upcoming products or events, to add viewers to the release newsletter.


Drive traffic to another URL

This setting adds a customizable button to your landing page. The button is setup in the ‘Layout and Content’ tab. This is where you will customize your buttons colors, and redirect viewers to a page of your choice via URL or by selecting WordPress pages.

  • This is useful in landing pages built to add to your sales funnel, before customers proceed to checkout.
  • The Button CTA can be used to redirect customer’s to your homepage, when building 404 pages.


no call to action displayed

You may not want any call to action on your landing page. When using this option your landing page will display only the headline and description you create. If you are building a coming soon page, or announcement page, it may not need to lead elsewhere, or contain an optin form. As you can add links into your description, you may just want to use these instead. These are the times to select ‘None’.

These are just some of the possible uses of these options, hope that’s helped to get you started.

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