How To Use the ‘Welcome Gate’

The ‘Welcome Gate‘ is one of ‘Landing Page Cat’s‘ behavior settings. It makes your landing page appear on all pages, before proceeding. It enables various options in a few places, you’ll need to know how to setup.

Before you begin:
The welcome gate feature is only available with Landing Page Cat Premium. If you are interested in purchasing head Here.

Only Show First-Time Visitors

This adds a cookie to the user’s browser, as soon as they see your landing page. The cookie tells your site not to display this landing page again. The cookie lasts for a year and is a first-party cookie, so it will not be blocked by most cookie blockers.

You’ll want to leave it on for most uses, but there are reasons to disable it. For instance, if you are building a landing page to place your site under construction. Or disable it if you want to make signup mandatory, as successful optins will also add this cookie for your viewers.

Traffic Source

You can target all incoming traffic regardless of the source with the “All Traffic Sources” option. Or you can target incoming traffic from specific sources, which is a great way to create a customized welcome page for visitors from specific places, like social media sites, or your affiliates websites.

Excluding Search Engines

We recommend leaving this on for almost everyone using a ‘Welcome Gate‘.


To preserve your SEO it is good practice to make sure the page people are searching for, is where they are delivered. Again there are reasons to disable this feature, like when putting your site under construction.

Found in the ‘Layout and Content’ tab only when the ‘Welcome gate is enabled. This feature lets you add a skip link to your ‘Welcome  Gate’. Useful for when you want to use a landing page to collect optins from viewers, but don’t want to make it mandatory to signup.

You may customize the color and text of the skip link here, when enabled.

Redirect to: Original URL

Both the ‘Button’ CTA and the ‘Email Optin’ CTA will let you redirect to a specific page or post within WordPress. When using a ‘Welcome Gate’ the ‘Original URL’ option will appear here. This will let your viewers continue to their original destination after using your CTA, or skip the link.

And those are all the options and features you need to set up your ‘Welcome Gate’.

If you still need assistance with this, or anything else regarding our plugins please feel free to contact our support at

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