What is my Facebook Pixel ID?

The Facebook Pixel id can be found in your Facebook Ad Account. Your Pixel ID links to your Facebook Ad Account.

Finding your Facebook Pixel

1. Navigate to this URL: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/pixel/facebook_pixel

2. Your Facebook Pixel ID is located on the left-hand side of this screen.

3. Paste this ID (12345… in the above example) into the “Facebook Pixel ID” field of Pixel Cat.

How to create a Facebook Pixel

Can’t find a pixel using the above link? You probably haven’t created your pixel yet. You’ll have to do so now.

1. First, go to the Events Manager.

2. Click Connect Data Sources and select Web.

3. Click Get Started.

4. Select Facebook Pixel and then click Connect.

5. You can then read how the pixel works, after click Continue.

6. Now add your Pixel Name.

7. Enter your website URL to check for easy setup options.

8. Click Continue and you’re done

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