How To Use the One Click ‘WooCommerce’ Integration

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Easy Pricing Tables integrates with WooCommerce to automatically add your product details to your pricing tables.

Before you begin:
Our E-Commerce Integrations are available with Easy Pricing Tables Business or Elite. Head here for details, or to purchase.

This lets you easily create tables for all your products.

1. Once you have Installed EPT Business and WooCommerce, go edit or create a pricing table. You will see the WooCommerce text dropdown on the right menu.

2. Click the text, and select any of your WooCommerce products from the dropdown.

Easy Pricing Tables will automatically add the name, price, and checkout URL, to your tables.

Your details will automatically update if you make changes to your WooCommerce products.

4. Next just add any features, what your button says, and design your table to your liking.

5. When your ready, click “Update”.

You can also read our blog post on the feature release for more details.
“New Feature: Build A WooCommerce Pricing Table That Boosts Sales”

And that’s all there is to using the Easy Pricing Tables’s Once-Click Woocommerce Add-On.

Need assistance with this or anything else? Feel free to contact our support team at

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