“Easy Digital Downloads – Pricing Tables” – Introducing Our New EDD Extension

David Hehenberger June 13, 2016

We’ve just launched our Easy Pricing Tables – Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) extension. Wanna build highly converting easy digital downloads pricing tables? Read on…

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve added both a Stripe pricing tables and an WooCommerce pricing tables integration to Easy Pricing Tables. However, one major player in the WP e-commerce space was still missing: Easy Digital Downloads.

Stripe WP Simple Pay Pro is the best way to build a simple and conversion optimized Stripe checkout. WooCommerce is the best way to sell physical products.

On the flipside, the WordPress plugin “Easy Digital Downloads” is the best way to sell digital products using WordPress.

Easy Digital Downloads (often called “EDD”) is developer friendly, extensible, comes with dozens of extensions. Best of all, Easy Digital Downloads is completely free.

easy digital downloads (edd) homepage

At Fatcat Apps, Easy Digital Downloads is the ecommerce platform of our choice. In the past, we’ve blogged about our favorite EDD extensions and have even released a 100% free Easy Digital Downloads extension – EDD Drip.

That’s why building an extension to make Easy Digital Downloads comparison tables easy seemed like a good idea.

How To Build Easy Digital Downloads Pricing Tables

After installing Easy Pricing Tables & EDD, go to the pricing table editor and click the Easy Digital Downloads button above your column.

Choose the product (or product variation) of your choice. That’s it, your EDD pricing table now comes with your product (or variation’s) name, price point and “add to cart link”.


The last step is to add some features to your comparison table.


You’re done. Click “Save & Preview” to see your pricing table. If you want you further customize your table to your liking.


No matter if you call these things “EDD price grids”, “price matrix” or “comparison tables”, building them couldn’t be easier.

Why Use Easy Pricing Tables?

We haven’t even mentioned the coolest feature of our Easy Pricing Tables – Easy Digital Downloads integration yet: auto-updating content. Should you ever change your product’s (or variation’s) price or name, our pricing tables will update automatically. This eliminates the chance of something going wrong and gives you piece of mind.

You’ll save a ton of time: Designing and coding a beautiful, conversion optimized pricing tables could easily take you a couple of hours. How much is your time worth?

Not to mention our advanced features, such as an Google Analytics integration, tooltips, pricing toggles and much more.

Ready To Build EDD Price Tables That Boost Sales?

With our Easy Pricing Tables – Easy Digital Downloads extension you can build gorgeous, conversion optimized product pricing tables for your EDD products that always stay up-to-date.

Interested? Click here to learn more about Easy Pricing Tables. (Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee).

Note to customers: We’ve added this feature with the Easy Pricing Tables Premium 2.3.0 release, requiring a Business or Agency license.

Any suggestions or questions? Feel free to comment below.

Click here to build EDD pricing tables.

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