How To Use Particle Effect for Landing Page Cat

Landing Page Cat premium now offers Particle Effects that you can easily add to your landing pages.

Particle effects are cool dynamic animations, that are fully interactable. Since they are created mathematically, they will have small file sizes, and not won’t slow your landing pages down.

Want to learn more? View our demo here.

Before you begin:
Particle effects are available with any version of Landing Page Cat Premium.
Not a premium user? Head here to upgrade.

We’ve made it super easy to add a variety of particle effects to your landing pages.

  1. Turn on particle effects
  2. Choose an effect you like (view our demo for examples).
  3. Customize the color of your particles.
  4. Enable or disable “Mouse Interactivity”. (Decide whether or not you want your particles to react to the viewer’s mouse location, and clicks.)

That’s all there is to adding great looking particle effects to your landing pages.

Have any questions or suggestions for us? Please contact us here.

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