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Advanced Settings & Integrations

How To Integrate ‘Landing Page Cat’ with my Email Marketing Provider

If using the ‘Email Optin‘ feature of google analytics you’ll need to integrate it with your provider. If you don’t...

How To Use the ‘Welcome Gate’

The ‘Welcome Gate‘ is one of ‘Landing Page Cat’s‘ behavior settings. It makes your landing page appear on all pages,...

How to Track My Landing Pages with Google Analytics

‘Landing Page Cat‘ comes with built-in integrations to enable easy tracking of your landing pages. Before you begin: The Google...

Integrating Pixel Cat with my other Fatcat Apps Plugins

Pixel Cat now integrates with all our other amazing Fatcat Apps products. Before you begin: Both free and premium versions...

How To Use Particle Effect for Landing Page Cat

Landing Page Cat premium now offers Particle Effects that you can easily add to your landing pages. Particle effects are...

GDPR Compliance for Landing Page Cat

These features are available to free and premium users. Please review: The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an important...

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