How To Build A Pricing Table Toggle

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What is a pricing toggle?

A pricing toggle lets your visitors toggle between 2 alternate pricing tables, usually “monthly” and “yearly”.

Before you begin:
Toggles are available with Easy Pricing Tables Business or Elite. Head here for details, or to purchase.

Toggle SOP

How do I add a pricing toggle to my site?

Step 1: Create tables

Create two or three separate pricing tables, eg. “Monthly”, “Quarterly” and “Yearly”.

The best way to do so, is to create a copy of your existing table:

Then edit the second table accordingly (in this example, we’re changing the pricing from yearly to monthly).

You’ll now have Identical tables with only the necessary changes:

Step 2: Add your pricing toggle to your site

Go to the page/post on which you want to insert your pricing table and click “Insert pricing table”.

Choose “Insert a pricing toggle” and fill out the form. The “Default Option Pricing Table” will be the one that shows by default.

This will generate a shortcode, such as:

There is no need to modify the shortcode. Next, hit publish and you’re done:

This method allows you to make a toggle for just about anything you can imagine. Some other things we see this feature used for are:

  • Currencies
  • Supported operating systems
  • Premium VS Standard prices

And that’s all there is to building your customized pricing table toggle.

If you still need assistance with this, or anything else regarding our plugins please feel free contact our support at

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