How To Use “Automatically Match Row-Height”

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With Easy Pricing Tables Premium 1.8 (and Easy Pricing Tables Free 1.6) we’ve introduced a new feature called ‘Automatically match Row Height’

Before you begin:
This feature is available for free and premium customers. Head here for details or to purchase.

Automatically match Row Height disabled:


Automatically match Row Height enabled:


All newly created pricing tables will have this feature activated by default. You can activate/deactivate this feature here:


Please note:

“Match Row Height” may not react to elements or changes added through CSS and HTML.

We’re using a small jQuery library called jquery.matchHeight.js to accomplish this. This library won’t significantly impact load time, but please be aware that we are loading a JavaScript file if you enable “Automatically match Row Height”.

Need assistance with this or anything else? Feel free to contact our support team at

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