How To Use Icons In My Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables comes with a large library of Icons to include in your tables.

Before you begin:
Icons are available with any level of Easy Pricing Tables Premium. Head here for details, or to purchase.

Icons can be added via shortcode, anywhere in your pricing tables. Along with [y] for a check and [n] for an X, here are some common Examples:


Complete list of Icons

Web Application

Web Application Icons

[dashboard] (alias)
[edit] (alias)
[flash] (alias)
[gear] (alias)
[gears] (alias)
[group] (alias)
[legal] (alias)
[mail-forward] (alias)
[mail-reply] (alias)
[mobile-phone] (alias)
[sort-down] (alias)
[sort-up] (alias)
[star-half-empty] (alias)
[star-half-full] (alias)
[toggle-down] (alias)
[toggle-left] (alias)
[toggle-right] (alias)
[toggle-up] (alias)
[unsorted] (alias)
[warning] (alias)

Form Control

Form Control Icons



Currency Icons

[bitcoin] (alias)
[cny] (alias)
[dollar] (alias)
[euro] (alias)
[rmb] (alias)
[rouble] (alias)
[ruble] (alias)
[rupee] (alias)
[turkish-lira] (alias)
[won] (alias)
[yen] (alias)

Text Editor

Text Editor Icons

[chain] (alias)
[copy] (alias)
[cut] (alias)
[dedent] (alias)
[paste] (alias)
[rotate-left] (alias)
[rotate-right] (alias)
[save] (alias)
[unlink] (alias)


Directional Icons

[toggle-down] (alias)
[toggle-left] (alias)
[toggle-right] (alias)
[toggle-up] (alias)

Video Player

Video Player Icons



Brand Icons

  • All brand icons are trademarks of their respective owners.
  • The use of these trademarks does not indicate endorsement of the trademark holder by Font Awesome, nor vice versa.
[bitcoin] (alias)


Medical Icons


Our icons are powered by Font Awesome. Thanks a lot!

If you still need assistance with this, or anything else regarding our plugins please feel free to contact our support at

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