Pixel Cat Update: Video Events & More Powerful WooCommerce Integration

Andrew Buck March 31, 2020

Hey Fatcats!

We’ve got a brand new release out for Pixel Cat. It makes our Facebook Pixel implementation for WordPress even more powerful.

If you’re not yet using the Pixel Cat to Pixel & retarget your site visitors on Facebook Ads, now is a great time to start! And if you are using our awesome plugin, you’ll want to read on to see just what’s new with the product.

What’s New With Pixel Cat?

Here’s a rundown of what’s new with Pixel Cat, one of our most powerful plugins.

Video Events

You can now use Pixel Cat to track video events on your site.

Video is a really powerful way of engaging site visitors, and using the Pixel to track this engagement is a great way to create super-targeted Facebook audiences.

In the Pixel Cat settings, you’ll see an option for “Video Events”. Turn this on to start firing the Pixel for your videos.

When turned on, Pixel Cat will automatically fire events for any YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia videos embedded on your posts and pages.

Here are the events, triggers and parameters that will be fired:

trigger: start video play (eg clicking play button)

event: ‘VideoPlay’

parameters: ‘video_title’, ‘video_url’, ‘video_id’


trigger: video paused

event: ‘VideoPause’

parameters: ‘video_title’, ‘video_url’, ‘video_id’, ‘percentage_watched’


trigger: video finished

event: ‘VideoWatchToEnd’

parameters: ‘video_title’, ‘video_url’, ‘video_id’


trigger: video watched 10%

event: ‘VideoWatch10Percent’

parameters: ‘video_title’, ‘video_url’, ‘video_id’

trigger: video watched 25%

event: ‘VideoWatch25Percent’

parameters: ‘video_title’, ‘video_url’, ‘video_id’


trigger: video watched 50%

event: ‘VideoWatch50Percent’

parameters: ‘video_title’, ‘video_url’, ‘video_id’


trigger: video watched 75%

event: ‘VideoWatch75Percent’

parameters: ‘video_title’, ‘video_url’, ‘video_id’


trigger: video watched 90%

event: ‘VideoWatch90Percent’

parameters: ‘video_title’, ‘video_url’, ‘video_id’

Event Matching for Dynamic Ads & Variable Products

Pixel Cat has been upgraded to properly support variations amongst WooCommerce products. Dynamic ads will now work with variable products (for example, if you’re selling multiple sizes or colors of a product), and Pixel Cat will send the full variable SKU of these items along with events (rather than just the parent SKU).

If you’re new to dynamic ads on Facebook, check out this video:

Support For WooCommerce 4.0

WooCommerce recently released version 4.0 of the platform – so we’ve made sure the Pixel Cat WooCommerce integration works seamlessly with the new release.

Better Integrations with Fatcat Apps Plugins

Our plugin bundle is one of our most popular products, due to the ease at which our plugins work together. This is especially true for Pixel Cat, which comes with integrations with the other plugins in our suite of tools.

That’s why we’ve made some small updates to make sure Pixel Cat works as efficiently as possible with our other plugins. The biggest change is to plugins with GDPR settings (Landing Page Cat, Optin Cat, Quiz Cat). The “lead” event previously fired before the form had actually been submitted for plugins with the GDPR checkbox enabled. It will now correctly fire after the user has completed the entire form submission.


We’re excited about the new and improved Pixel Cat, and you should be too!

If you haven’t started using Pixel Cat to build your Facebook audiences, now is a great time!


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