8 Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress

Andrew Buck July 29, 2020

Bottom Line: If you need a simple, yet powerful WordPress quiz plugin, Quiz Cat is the best option. It’s lightweight and easy to use, while having powerful features like lead generation and email provider integrations. The basic version is free, while there are more powerful premium versions available when you want to scale up your quiz game.

Feel like it’s time to spice up your vanilla ice cream content game? Try creating viral quizzes.

Quizzes are a great way to add some excitement to your site, and separate your content from the 1000s of competitors. You’ll keep people on your site longer, get people invested in your content, collect more leads and generate viral social shares.

The Best WordPress Quiz Plugins for 2020

Setting up a quiz for your WordPress site is easy with a simple plugin.

Here are the best WordPress quiz plugins out there today:

1. Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat WordPress Plugin banner

Quiz Cat is one of our plugins (and actually one of our most popular products!). It’s a super easy way to make engaging, viral quizzes on your WordPress site.

Here’s the tl;dr on why this is the most awesome WordPress quiz plugin:

There are two quiz types to choose from. You can build a test-style quiz (“How much do you know about Star Wars?”, “Can you name every US state’s capital?”) or a personality-style quiz (“Which Seinfeld character are you?, “Which cocktail best suits you?”).

The backend interface is designed to be as simple as possible – setting it up is not a quiz in and of itself. Just set up the opening screen for your quiz, then one-by-one, set up your questions, answers and quiz results.

When you’re done, insert your quiz into a post with shortcodes or Gutenberg blocks.

The most powerful thing comes in the lead capture features. You can require quiz participants to enter their email to get their results, which is amazing for growing your email list, fast. You can even send results and answers to your email marketing provider, to segment your leads.

The Quiz Cat quiz plugin comes in free and premium versions. Only the test option is available in the free version, so you’ll need to grab Quiz Cat premium to build personality quizzes, as well as lead capture, analytics and design customization.

2. Quiz And Survey Master

This WordPress quiz plugin doubles as a tool to create surveys. This makes it a very flexible plugin, suited for a number of different use cases.

You can set up a wide array of question types, such as true/false, multiple choice, open answer, fill in the blank, and more. You can add hints to questions, and customize your questions’ description, including adding video/images.

Quiz and Survey Master also comes with certificates and leaderboards for your quiz participants.

There is a basic free version available. Paid add-ons are available to buy, as well as two premium yearly license subscriptions, which open up features such as email provider integrations, analytics, advanced leaderboards and question logic.

3. ARI Stream Quiz

ARI Stream Quiz is another simple WordPress quiz plugin, that lets you create knowledge or trivia tests and viral personality quizzes. It makes building a quiz easy, with an uncomplicated backend, in which you just have to set up your results, questions and answers and hit “Save”.

There are multiple design themes to choose from, but overall the ability to customize your quizzes’ design is somewhat limited.

When a quiz is ready to be published, it’s easy to add to a WordPress post with a simple shortcode. Quizzes are designed to be responsive and work on all kinds of devices. 

Advanced features such as personality quizzes, analytics, full social sharing options and lead capture are available in the pro version of ARI Stream Quiz.

4. Interact

Interact is a premium quiz builder for site owners and marketers who are serious about integrating quizzes with their content marketing strategy.

It’s actually a web app, so you’ll set up your quiz and host it all on their site. Once it’s all ready to go, you can embed your quiz on just about any kind of website or landing page with an embed code, or use their WordPress plugin to add quizzes directly to your WordPress site. (You’ll need to sign up for an account first, before you can use the free plugin).

The types of quizzes you can create with Interact are:

The app also provides you with 800+ quiz templates to help you get started.

Setup on the backend is a little more complicated than other tools on this list, but the payoff is more power and customization options.

There is a free version available with limited functionality (also all quizzes made in the free version are publicly visible). If you want to benefit from the full feature set, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid subscription, which starts at $29/mo for the “lite” monthly plan, while it goes up to $89/mo for access to analytics, conversion tracking and to remove the Interact branding from your quizzes.

5. LearnDash

LearnDash is more than a simple quiz maker. It’s actually an “LMS” plugin – a “Learning Management System” designed for creating professional educational content.

While other plugins on this list are perfectly suited for viral personality or trivia quizzes, LearnDash is more for people with educational sites or online courses. The main benefit is their powerful quiz builder, which allows you to build educational tests and assessments with ease.

Features include eight different question types – single answer, multiple choice, sorting, matching, fill-in-the-blank, free text, survey, and essay – question banks, quiz timers, limit attempts, hints, and flexibility with question display.

LearnDash manages all other aspects of your course as well, not just the quiz – making it a complete LMS plugin.

6. Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a deep and comprehensive tool for building viral quizzes to use in your marketing strategy. There’s a bit more of a learning curve than some of the other WordPress quiz plugins, however it’s more extensive and powerful than many as well.

You can build one of four different quiz types, based on the end result you’re going to give out.

You’re offered a range of design styles to choose from – the pre-set design templates include the opening page, questions & answers, email optin form and results page (all these are editable too).

You’ll set up your questions and answers in a tree-like format, able to choose which question follows each answer.

You can also weigh questions differently, by applying more or less points to each answer. This is particularly useful for creating super comprehensive personality quizzes.

The plugin uses the Thrive Architect page builder to allow you to customize your results page, making it possible to build a mini-landing page for your quiz.

Other must-have features such as email gating, social sharing are also included.

As part of Thrive’s suite of tools, this quiz builder is built specifically for marketers – people wanting to use quizzes to get more leads or make more sales.

The plugin starts at $67 for a one year license for one site, or as part of the Thrive Membership suite.

7. WP Quiz

WP Quiz is another tool designed for building viral buzzfeed-style quizzes. It has the classic multi-choice layout, which can be used for trivia or personality quizzes, as well as interesting variations like flip cards and “swiper” quizzes.

You can also build an interactive list post, where you’ll create a list of items (e.g. “Top 10 Winter Getaways”) and users can upvote or downvote items on the list.

The premium version allows lead capture, and quizzes that require a user to log in via Facebook to take the quiz.

All in all, this plugin leans heavily towards the viral aspect of quizzes, as opposed to some others on this list which are more suited for professional use cases.

WP Quiz has a free and a premium version, however the free version is somewhat limited. Support appears to be hard to come by for the free version, with some negative reviews on the WordPress plugins page citing this. So it definitely appears that the premium version ($77 for a one year license) is necessary to get the full power of WP Quiz.

8. Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on

If you’re a Gravity Forms user, and are looking for a super simple way to integrate a quiz with a tool already in use on your site, this quiz add-on is a great choice. It’s not really a standalone plugin, but if you’re a subscriber to Gravity Forms’ elite license, you’ll already have this available to you.

The quiz add-on lets you add quiz fields to a form, which are scored when the person submits the form. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other plugins, but does have some powerful features such as weighted scoring, conditional logic, answer explanations, and the ability to randomize choices.

There aren’t quiz-specific design options, but it can be customized with code (which most subscribers to the Gravity Forms elite license will be able to do). 

The main advantage of using this add-on to create quizzes is the simplicity – if you’re in need of a simple quiz, without any flashy features, this will get you up and running a lot quicker than most other plugins.

Why You Should Use Quizzes on Your WordPress Site

Let’s expand on the benefits of quizzes for your site.

In a day when most content is pretty much the same, one thing that makes your blog post stand out from the next one can have a massive impact.

Buzzfeed used quizzes to perfection in their early growth, and is now one of the top 500 sites in the world.

Since then, many others have jumped on the quiz bandwagon to great success.

While basic written content can bring in a lot of visitors, this doesn’t always generate money (or whatever the desired result is) for your site. 

But engagement? That’s where the real money is.

Here are some big benefits of quizzes:

Time on Site

Fun, engaging quizzes keep people on your site longer, which is something every site owner should be interested in. Not only does time on site and bounce rate positively affect SEO, it also gives you more time to sell to that person, or leave a lasting impression with them.

Social Media Shares

Quizzes can generate more traffic to your site, and in some cases even go viral. If you add social media sharing buttons to your quiz, a lot of people will naturally share your quiz to share their knowledge in the topic or match up against their friends.

This is a free, organic source of traffic that can prove very fruitful. In the case your quiz goes viral, it can even result in a huge flood of traffic to your site.

Lead Generation

Adding an option or requirement for people to get their results via email is a super easy way to grow your email list. Once someone has gone through the effort of taking the quiz, they will almost always certainly be willing to hand over their email address to see what their result is. This makes quizzes an amazing lead magnet and optin bait.

Need proof? In 2016, quiz app LeadQuizzes reported an average 33.6% conversion rate on quizzes from their users. That’s insane!

Lead Nurturing/Qualifying

Not only are quizzes an excellent way to get new leads, they’re also great at qualifying leads and optimizing your funnel.

You can use quizzes to gauge someone’s knowledge or interest in a particular topic, which you can then use to customize the next step to take with them. A lot of plugins (including Quiz Cat) allow you to send information like quiz results and answers to your email marketing provider or CRM, making it even easier to use your quiz to segment leads.

Features of Awesome WordPress Quiz Plugins

If you want to do your own scouting, instead of taking our recommendation on the best quiz plugin for WordPress, here are some must-have features to look out for.

Summing Up – What Is the Best WordPress Quiz Plugin?

We may be biased, but we designed Quiz Cat to be the best WordPress quiz plugin due to the mix of simplicity and power. It’s a great fit for hobbyist and pro site owners alike. So if you want to start getting more leads, social shares, traffic and engagement, this the plugin you should use.

Besides Quiz Cat, there are other options depending on your needs. LearnDash is great for creating high-quality, professional tests, Interact is a powerful quiz tool for anyone willing to spend for a premium option and Quiz and Survey Master is a solid tool for building and implementing surveys. Otherwise, if you’re already a Thrive Member or Gravity Forms Elite user, there are tools already available to you.

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