Fatcat Apps Plugins Now Support Gutenberg Blocks

Andrew Buck December 11, 2018

WordPress 5.0 (including the much-publicized Gutenberg post editor) is here, and we’re happy to announce several of our plugins have been updated to accommodate the new WordPress post editor.

Easy Pricing Tables 2.4, Optin Cat 2.3 and Quiz Cat 1.7 are out now! Read ahead to find out what’s new with these releases.

What Is Gutenberg?

The Gutenberg post editor is the newest initiative from the WordPress team. It allows you to add “blocks” when creating pages or posts, in a more visual-based page building experience to previous WordPress iterations.

The idea is to create a better way to add and re-arrange rich content in WordPress, mixed in with classic text elements.

When you create a new post, you’ll have a field to add the post title. Below this is where your blocks come in. Start typing as you normally would to start with a paragraph block, or choose from a wide variety of text formats. Alternatively, add images, shortcodes, widgets, embeds and more.

Once you add content, it’s easy to move blocks around to get the layout you want without a lot of complicated, cross-format copying and pasting.

Where Gutenberg is exciting for our plugins, is it allows you to preview what it will look like on the page, directly from the post editor – as opposed to using a shortcode. We hope this will be a smoother experience when using our plugins, which is why we’re trying to ensure Gutenberg compatibility for all our relevant products.

Let’s take a look at our new updates, and what each one brings.

Easy Pricing Tables 2.4

Easy Pricing Tables are now even easier, with Gutenberg block support.

From the post editor, select the Easy Pricing Tables block from the list of widgets. Choose the table you want to add, and you will be able to view a responsive preview of your pricing table right on this page.

Want to start using Easy Pricing Tables, or upgrade your version? Get It Now.

Optin Cat 2.3

The new Optin Cat comes with fresh Gutenberg support!

Adding clean, beautiful optin forms to your posts is even easier with Gutenberg. Choose Optin Cat Forms from the list of Widgets, and you’ll be able to choose from any post box style forms to add to your post. Move the form around wherever you like, to ensure the most effective targeting for your opt-in.

Also featured in this release are several minor email provider fixes, including an update to GetResponse’s latest API, and an even better integration with MailChimp.

Want to start using Optin Cat to kick-start your email list? Get It Now.

Quiz Cat 1.7

Our awesome viral quiz & personality test plugin, Quiz Cat, is also getting the Gutenberg treatment. Now you can preview the start of your quiz in the post editor, by choosing the Quiz Cat block.

In addition, we’ve updated a couple of minor interactions with the quizzes, to provide a better UX for quiz takers. On the front end, quizzes will scroll back to the top for each new question, while on the backend, we’ve allowed for target and rel attributes in the HTML field, as well as fixing some minor email integration bugs.

Want to stand out from the crowd by building fun, viral quizzes and personality tests with Quiz Cat? Get It Now.

What Do You Think?

We’re excited about the WordPress community moving forward, and as such, we want to make sure our plugins stay up to date with the community’s changes. So let us know what you think about our plugins, and how you think they can work best with WordPress 5.0.

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