My 8 Favorite Easy Digital Downloads Extensions

David Hehenberger April 8, 2015

The shopping cart of my choice for Fatcat Apps is Easy Digital Downloads. Being a WordPress plugin, Easy Digital Downloads’ biggest strength is its openness and extensibility.

Pippin Williamson, the plugins lead developer and founder, did a great job of building an ecosystem of plugin developers around Easy Digital Downloads. As there are 161 extensions listed on the Easy Digital Downloads website, choosing the right ones can be difficult. That’s why I’ve decided to share my favorites in this post.

Easy Digital Downloads – Software Licensing


In my book, Easy Digital Downloads – Software Licenses is the killer app. It provides a complete license key generation, activation, checking and renewal system.

This powerful extension makes Easy Digital Downloads the industry standard for WordPress plugin & theme businesses. This extension also works for non-WordPress products, such as desktop software.

Price: Starting at $82

Easy Digital Downloads – Auto Register


By default, Easy Digital Downloads asks your customers to set up an account as part of the checkout process. I’m not a big fan of this, as research shows that the more fields you add to your checkout process, the less people will convert.

This plugin offers an elegant solution – it automatically creates WordPress accounts for your customers after they check out, so they can log in and view their purchase history.

Price: Free

Easy Digital Downloads – Conditional Success Redirects


This plugin lets you display different Order Confirmation pages, based on which products your customer buy.

This is useful if you want to set up specific “thank you” message, or include links to purchased products’ documentation.

Price: Starting at $29

Easy Digital Downloads – Dropbox File Store


This neat little plugin lets you serve your downloads straight from Dropbox, instead of using your WordPress site’s built in hosting.

Price: Starting at $19

Easy Digital Downloads – Manual Purchases


This great Easy Digital Downloads extension lets you manually create payments. This is great if you want to send free copies of your product to friends, influencers, bloggers or potential affiliates.

Price: Starting at $15

Easy Digital Downloads – PDF Invoices


This plugin lets you automatically create PDF invoices. Occasionally I had requests from EU customers asking for invoices, so I installed this plugin – well worth it.

Price: Starting at $23

EDD Google Analytics Universal Ecommerce

Developed by Dan Lester from WP-GLOGIN, this free plugin lets you track Goole Analytics ecommerce conversions & revenue.

Price: Free

Easy Digital Downloads – Drip


This is my own extension, so I’m slightly biased here. This plugin integrates Easy Digital Downloads and the Drip marketing automation software.

Using this plugin, you can track the following events:

Price: Free


You’ve just learned about some of the best Easy Digital Downloads extensions. I intentionally left out Payment Gateways since your choice of gateway mostly depends on where you’re from / where you’ve incorporated.

I’d love to hear from you – what’s your favorite Easy Digital Downloads extension?


PS, If you sell stuff on your website, you might be interested in my plugin, Easy Pricing Tables, which lets you build great looking pricing & comparison tables and works with Easy Digital Downloads.

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