How do I add a pricing toggle?

What is a pricing toggle?

A pricing toggle lets your visitors toggle between 2 alternate pricing tables, usually “monthly” and “yearly”.
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How do I add a pricing toggle to my site?

Step 1: Create tables

Create two separate pricing tables, eg. “Monthly” and “Yearly”.

The best way to do so, is to create a copy of your existing table:
Then edit the second table accordingly (in this example, we’re changing the pricing from yearly to monthly).

You’ll now have two tables:

Step 2: Add your pricing toggle to your site

Go to the page/post on which you want to insert your pricing table and click “Insert pricing table”.

Choose “Insert a pricing toggle” and fill out the form. The “Default Option Pricing Table” will be the one that shows by default.

This will generate a shortcode, such as:


There is no need to modify the shortcode. Next, hit publish and you’re done: