Announcing Easy Pricing Tables Premium 1.8

David Hehenberger July 8, 2014

Today I’m happy to announce Easy Pricing Tables Premium v1.8. It comes with a couple of big improvements as well as minor fixes.

Big improvements

1. Custom Pricing Table CSS

Until now you had to add custom CSS that targets your pricing table to your theme’s style.css file. This meant that your custom CSS was served on all pages and posts of your site, not just on the page where the pricing table is located. Any “Custom Pricing Table Css” you enter in this field will only be loaded on pages on which your pricing table is loaded.


2. Automatically match Row Height

Until now Easy Pricing Tables had alignment problems with some rows being of different height due to content length:


We’ve fixed this with Easy Pricing Tables Premium 1.8 (we’ve also added this feature to Easy Pricing Tables Free 1.6):


All newly created pricing tables will have this feature activated by default. You can activate/deactivate this feature here:


We’re using a small jQuery library called jquery.matchHeight.js to accomplish this. This library won’t significantly impact load time, but please be aware that we are loading a JavaScript file if you enable “Automatically match Row Height”.

Small Improvements


You should get this new version as an automatic update, or you can download it from your account. If you have any problems, please contact support.

David Hehenberger, founder of fatcat apps

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