Introducing LandingCube: Our New Amazon Landing Page Generator

David Hehenberger October 10, 2017

I’m happy to announce our latest product – LandingCube. LandingCube is an Amazon Landing Page generator app, built to help Amazon sellers convert traffic into sales & customers.

After years of building WordPress plugins, we’ve finally launched a SaaS app =)

LandingCube: Landing Pages That Grow Your Amazon Sales

Selling on Amazon is getting more and more competitive. To drive sales, most Amazon sellers rely solely on Amazon’s own ecosystem, by ranking their products on Amazon, and using Amazon’s ad network.

There’s a huge untapped opportunity most Amazon sellers miss out on: external traffic. External traffic is essentially traffic from outside of Amazon, such as Google AdWords, Facebook ads, partnerships with bloggers, etc…

External traffic, something that 99% of Amazon sellers don’t take advantage of, is a great way to diversify an Amazon business, while driving more sales, which leads to improved rankings in Amazon’s search engine.

There’s two big problems with external traffic, however.

Problem 1: External traffic is complicated to set up

how to drive traffic to your amazon listingMany Amazon sellers don’t have experience with traditional internet marketing methods, such as online advertising or driving traffic.

It can be pretty overwhelming to get started.

To address this issue, we’ve been putting together some free in-depth content that walks new sellers through the intricacies of setting up their external traffic campaigns.

We created a course called How To Drive Traffic To Your Amazon Listing: A Step-By-Step Guide. It can be found for free here.

Problem 2: External traffic converts poorly

When someone browses Amazon, they’re in buying mode. Unsurprisingly, traffic from Facebook, Google AdWords, or similar sources won’t convert nearly as well.

This a problem. Low conversions mean ad campaigns will struggle to be profitable. Not only that, a listing’s conversion rate is an important ranking factor on Amazon. If an Amazon listing has low conversion rates, its rankings will drop.

LandingCube solves this problem. Instead of sending traffic straight to an Amazon listing, sellers can now send their traffic to a beautiful Amazon landing page.

amazon landing page generator

On that Amazon landing page, prospects can enter their email address in exchange for a coupon.

This works incredibly well for three reasons:

  1. By asking for someone’s email address, sellers can pre-qualify their prospects. Only people that have entered their email will end up clicking through to your product listing, resulting in a much higher conversion rate.
  2. Furthermore, Amazon sellers will see an even higher conversion rate on their listing as they’re giving away discounts.
  3. Using this approach, sellers will be able to build an email list. This is an incredibly valuable asset, that most sellers miss out on.

Curious? Learn more about LandingCube here.

Why did you build this Amazon landing page tool?

Here at Fatcat Apps, we’ve spent the last couple years launching a number of products that generate landing pages and email optin forms. We’ve integrated with a large number of email providers, and learned a lot about what makes landing pages convert.

The idea for LandingCube was born when a number of friends and customers asked us if we could adapt Landing Page Cat for Amazon coupon landing pages.

After careful consideration, we decided to make Landing Page Cat a hosted web app, instead of a WordPress plugin, as most Amazon sellers don’t run WordPress sites.

We’re pretty proud of our results.

What does this mean for Fatcat Apps?

LandingCube is a standalone product that’s not tied to our Fatcat Apps brand. The reason for this is that there’s not a massive overlap between LandingCube and Fatcat Apps audiences. Put simply, most Fatcat Apps customers don’t run Amazon businesses, nor do they need an Amazon landing page generator.

Does this mean we’ll focus less on WordPress and Fatcat Apps in the future?

Quite the contrary.

We’ll continue to put tons of effort into improving our existing WordPress plugins. Just 2 weeks ago, we’ve shipped a major update of Pixel Cat. Over the next few months, we’ve got major updates in the pipeline for all our products – Easy Pricing Tables, Quiz Cat, Optin Cat, Landing Page Cat and Pixel Cat.

Not only that, LandingCube is actually built on top of WordPress. Our whole team lives and breathes WordPress. Using WordPress, we were able to build & ship LandingCube much faster than we’d have using a web app framework, such as Node.js or Ruby on Rails.

Essentially we’re deepening our commitment to the WordPress ecosystem with this move.


If you’re curious, check out LandingCube, our new Amazon seller tool. It’s built from the ground up to help sellers make more sales, boost rankings and build a defensible asset – an email list.

You can learn more about LandingCube here.

Interested in the specifics of building a cutting-edge web app using WordPress? We might write an in-depth post about our experiences in the future.

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