Introducing Pixel Cat 2.2

David Hehenberger September 27, 2017

Last week we’ve released Pixel Cat 2.2. While our free version of Pixel Cat has received a couple of small improvements & bug fixes, this release mostly focused on adding more features for our paying customers. Here are some highlights.

More Dynamic Event Settings

We’ve added two new settings to our Dynamic Events feature.

Using these features you’ll be able to create even better advertising audiences.

Advanced Matching

Facebook’s Advanced Matching of its Facebook Pixel is a feature that lets you leverage your customer information to get more accurate data. Here’s what Facebook said in its announcement:

By implementing this feature, advertisers can report on more conversions, optimize their ads against more conversion data, and reach more people on Facebook with their website custom audiences or dynamic ads. […]

During the beta phase, we have observed over 10% increase in attributed conversions and 20% increase in reach of retargeting campaigns

Pretty cool, huh?

Until this release of Pixel Cat, Advanced Matching only worked for logged-in users on WooCommerce. With this release, Advanced Matching now works in the following scenarios:

Pixel Cat will attempt to detect the following information, encrypt it, and add it to the Facebook Pixel tracking code:

No matter if you’re using one of our supported shopping carts or not, this feature will help you get better, more accurate data.

Improved Easy Digital Downloads & WooCommerce Integrations

We’ve added some useful improvements to both our WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads integrations.

1) Delay “ViewContent” events. Exclude bouncing visitors from your ad campaigns, by setting a time delay for ViewContent events on your product pages.

2) Send extra info with “Purchase” event. Lets  you send the following event parameters in the event of a purchase:

No matter if you want to nurture your customers, get Facebook page likes or promote up-sells and cross-sells, these new features will let you re-target your customers in a powerful way.

Those are our most recent handy product updates for Pixel Cat 2.2. Enjoy =)

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