Built For Conversions: Introducing Our Easy Pricing Tables – Stripe Checkout Integration

We’ve always been big fans of the payment processor Stripe. In fact, we’re using Stripe to process most payments on this website.

Our favorite Stripe WordPress plugin is WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe, which lets you create beautiful Stripe checkout & subscription forms for WordPress with ease.

On their own, both Easy Pricing Tables & WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe have always been super easy to use. However, making them work together has been a bit of a hassle and included adding custom JavaScript to your website.

Due to popular demand, we’ve developed an integration between our products in partnership with WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe.

Pictures say more than 1000 words, so here’s what the Stripe checkout form looks like, when connected to a pricing table:

stripe pricing table

Endless Possibilities

Combining Easy Pricing Tables & WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe results in a simple, beautiful, conversion optimized shopping cart that can be set up in 2 minutes.

First, install & activate WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe.

Next, go to your pricing table. In the “content” tab, you’ll notice a toggle called “SIMPLE PAY PRO CHECKOUT”. Set it to “ON”.


That’s it. We’ll use the information in the pricing table to generate your Stripe checkout form.

Recurring Stripe Subscriptions

Recurring, predictable revenue is the holy grail of any business. Wanna set up recurring subscriptions? No problem, Easy Pricing Tables lets you easily link your pricing table columns to your Stripe subscription plans. Creating recurring payments has never been easier.

Easy Pricing Tables + WP Simple Pay Pro = More Conversions

Easy Pricing Tables Premium comes with 10 conversion optimized, beautiful table designs, full design options and advanced marketing & conversion optimization features such as Google Analytics integration and pricing toggles.

With WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe you can start accepting payments with Stripe’s highly optimized forms in minutes. These Stripe forms are built to convert & optimized for mobile.

By combining Easy Pricing Tables & WP Simple Pay Pro For Stripe, you get a highly optimized checkout process that is optimized to convert by, without you having to spend time customizing your shopping cart.

Why Use Stripe?

We love Stripe. Stripe makes it super easy to accept payments on the internet. Getting up and running only takes a few minutes – there’s no lenghty approval process required.

Stripe makes frequent payouts to your bank account, has fair pricing and a beautiful dashboard (plus mobile app) that lets you track your payments.

If you haven’t already, give Stripe a try here.

Ready to build highly converting Stripe pricing tables?

We’ve released this feature as part of Easy Pricing Tables 2.2. The integration requires the Business or Agency plans of Easy Pricing Tables Premium, as well as a copy of WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe.

Limited time discount

To celebrate this launch, WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe is offering 30% off its “Business” & “Elite” plans. Simply go to wpsimplepay.com and enter coupon code fatcatlaunch at checkout. Coupon expires on Thursday, May 19 at midnight.


Bryan says:

This is brilliant. I’ve been needing something like this for several of our websites and clients guys. Finally here. So one questions (request), we frequently have clients that need 2-3 “options” on checkout. Lets say we have (3) products in a table, the buyer clicks the middle one, the modal pops up, could we have a “tick the box” option for “24 hour fast delivery” for example? When they tick the box it would recalculate the modal and charge them on checkout. That would make my 2016!!! Here is example site we own, click on the checkout process and see the options in drop down. Love to do this with STRIPE instead, see http://www.WhiteScreenVideos.com and you will understand what I mean. Thanks!

Hi Bryan, great question!

WP Simple Pay uses Stripe’s checkout overlay, so we’re limited to what options Stripe allows (see https://stripe.com/checkout). You’d probably need a custom solution to do that in an overlay.

If you went with a separate checkout page, you might be able to do this with WooCommerce + their Stripe gateway (though I haven’t tried), still using Easy Pricing Tables.


Anthony says:

Can this be used for HTML websites or only WordPress based?

Hi Anthony, both products are WordPress plugins so it won’t work on HTML-only sites. Sorry!

Do you have one for static sites, built with JavScript? I think it would be easy to build as an Angular.js widget.

Hi Göran, that’s a great idea actually. Right now Easy Pricing Tables is WordPress only, but I agree that support for other types of sites would be nice. Thanks for sharing the idea!

Nicholas Ho says:

Exactly what I was looking for. How do I capture other information such as name, address and phone number as part of the transaction?

Hey Nicholas,

Unfortunately this is a bit more complicated to implement. To capture the address, you’ll need to follow the instructions here https://wpsimplepay.com/docs/misc/calling-stripe-checkout-externally/ and make sure you include the address field in the shortcode (see: https://wpsimplepay.com/docs/shortcodes/stripe-checkout/).

Capturing phone numbers as part of the popup form won’t work as its not a supported field from Stripe. You could capture the phone number using the “Custom Fields” feature (see a demo here: https://wpsimplepay.com/), but this won’t work nicely with Easy Pricing Tables.

Your best solution might be to use a shopping cart like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads (we’ll be releasing 1-click integrations for these carts soon).

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