Quiz Cat 1.5, and Pixel Cat 2.3.1 Just Released

Jeremy Hoffman February 7, 2018

We just launched updates for two of our products and wanted to let our users know the good news.

Quiz Cat 1.5 is out now. The plugin has been greatly improved. We’ve added new providers, and improved our Facebook Sharing. We’ve also fixed a lot of minor bugs, especially concerning mobile devices. And we made many overall improvements to the software.

Pixel Cat 2.3.1, just released, contains a lot of back-end improvements, and a few new features too. The plugin will be more stable, and the user interface improved. We’ve also added the ability to add multiple pixels to your site, and pause individual events.

We’ve been working hard on these updates, and are very excited to have launched them both. Read on for more details.

Quiz Cat 1.5

This update will be a massive improvement for all users, both free and premium. The overall software will be more stable than ever before. Our supported email marketing providers are growing. Our Facebook sharing feature has improved as well.

Stability and bugfixes:

What does this mean for you?

Your quizzes will look better than ever before on mobile devices. We’ve spent a lot of time ironing out some small display issues on various devices. Both free and premium users will enjoy these changes.

We’ve also made some changes to our analytics for premium users. If you are a premium user, you can have much more faith in the statistics for your quizzes. These changes also allowed us to make some improvements to the detailed .csv user report. This will be much more usable for those wishing to really dive into their users’ behavior.

Free users: take advantage of the analytics & statistics available in Quiz Cat Premium to further understand and engage your audience. Head here to Upgrade

New Providers:

For Quiz Cat Business, and Elite users, we have added 3 new email marketing providers:

Don’t have an email marketing provider yet? We’ve also included the ability to store your optins locally.

We now support a total of 10 lead capture options, including Zapier, which you can use if your preferred provider is not listed.


Turn quiz takers into customers by using the Lead Capture available with QC Business and Elite. Head here to upgrade.

Privacy Policy

Big changes are coming to collecting personal information of EU citizens, as the GDPR will soon go into effect. We want to ensure that our users are fully prepared for the changes.

How will the GDPR affect Quiz cat users?

You must ensure that your email provider meets the new requirements for collecting and storing personal information of EU citizens, and you will need to use double optins. You must document why you are collecting, and how you will use, personal information – and clearly state this on the quiz’s optin form page.

So to help users comply with these changes, we’ve added an optional ‘Privacy Policy’ area. There you can add the required details, as well as links to your privacy policy or other important documentation.

Are you preparing for the GDPR? You’re covered with Quiz Cat Business and Elite. Head here to upgrade.

Improved Facebook Sharing:

Quiz Cat premium has always included social sharing options. These let your user share their results with their friends on various social media platforms. It’s a great way to create viral content.

However when Facebook made some changes to their API Quiz Cat’s Facebook share no longer showed the users result. We’ve worked hard to find a solution, and now our Facebook share will actually display the quiz results!

Free Users: Want to be able to create viral content using Quiz Cat’s Social Media sharing? Head here to upgrade.

Pixel Cat 2.3.1

You asked, and we listened. While a smaller release than Quiz Cat, the new Pixel Cat update is a marked improvement. In addition to some bug fixes and minor improvements, we’ve added 2 new features that a lot of you have been asking for.

Multiple Pixels:

Many users have requested the ability to add multiple pixels to their website, and now you can. All premium versions of Pixel Cat Premium will now let you add as many Pixels to your site as you need.

So now you can have a backup source of data, and /or add pixels for affiliates partners who benefit from accessing this data.

Add unlimited pixels by upgrading to Pixel Cat Premium. Head here to upgrade.

Pause Events:

Many users requested the ability to pause events. You don’t want all events firing at all times, but you don’t want to delete them either.

Both free and premium users will now be able to ‘pause’ any event, to temporarily prevent it from firing on your site. You can easily unpause the event at any time.

Tell us What You Think

We’ve spent a lot of time on these releases, and we think all our users will enjoy them. We strive to continually improve our software to meet our users’ needs.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Please let us know if you have any issue updating, or if you have any suggestions for future releases.

Contact us here.

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