Quiz Cat 1.4 Adds Better Email Provider Integrations, Tons Of Customization Options & More

David Hehenberger March 14, 2017

We’re incredibly excited to announce Quiz Cat 1.4, which we’ve just shipped today. You’ve asked – we’ve listened. This release adds some of our most requested features, so you can get the most out of your quizzes.

More quiz customization options

We’ve added some powerful customization features that give you more control than ever before.

Rich Text Editing

One of our most requested features was better text editing. With our new WYSWYG text editor, you now have more control over how to format your text.

Customize Quiz Colors (Premium only)

Another popular feature request was the ability to customize your quiz colors.

Want a shiny, orange button? With a single click you can now customize all of your quiz’ accent colors.

Explanations (Premium only)

Want to explain why an answer is correct (or incorrect)? You can now add explanations to your tests.

Results redirect (Premium only)

Do you want to redirect people to a specific page on your site based on their quiz result? Perhaps a landing page with a special offer? No problem – our new results redirect feature gives you more control over your funnel.

Better email provider integrations (Premium: Business & higher)

Improved segmenting & tagging

Based on customer feedback we’ve added a new, better way to segment users based on their quiz results.

In the past, we had a feature that automatically created a custom merge field for MailChimp based on your users quiz results.

For other providers we had an option to tag an email subscriber with their result using ‘merge tags’ like {{quiz_result}}.

We were not 100% happy with this implementation as changing quiz names or result names could introduce inconsistencies in your tags & segments.

With that in mind, we’ve created a new, more powerful way to segment users based on results on the newest version of Quiz Cat.

Improved Tagging (ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Drip)

ActiveCampaign, AWeber and Drip will have new options for result segmentation. Each result now has its own tags that will be added for email optins when someone gets that result.

Note: your old settings will continue working. If you’re happy with how we’ve handled tagging in the past, there’s no need to change anything.

Improved MailChimp Interest groups

MailChimp’s results have been completely overhauled. No more will it automatically add a hard to find custom merge field to your contacts. Instead, each result has the ability to select from your MailChimp Interest Groups:

Please Note: If using the previous MailChimp merge fields, these will not be backwards compatible, and you will want to setup your interest groups right away.

What about GetResponse?

Our GetResponse integration hasn’t changed.

Drip timezone support

Good news for Drip users. We now send your subscriber’s timezone to your Drip account, meaning you can now send emails in your subscribers local timezone.

Other improvements and fixes

Sounds like a lot of improvements? We’ve added even more:

We’re incredibly happy with this release. Quiz Cat is now even easier to use, more powerful and more customizable. No matter if you simply want to change your button color, or want to set up advanced email marketing funnels, you’ll love this release.

While bugfixes and our new rich text editor were added to both the free and paid versions of Quiz Cat, the majority of new features have been added to our paid plans.

Why? Between development, design and testing, this release has taken about 150 man-hours. Let’s say you were to hire a freelance developer at $60/hour (a reasonable hourly rate). You’d end up paying $9000 to get these features developed. Makes the $49 for Quiz Cat Business sound like a steal, huh?

If you wanna get access to all these new features (and much more), you can get Quiz Cat here.

You can either update directly from WordPress when you see the ‘update available’ message, or download the update directly from https://fatcatapps.com/my-account/, and manually install the update.

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