Quiz Cat 1.2 Adds Quiz Analytics, Aweber & GetResponse Support

David Hehenberger October 19, 2016

We’ve recently shipped a new version of Quiz Cat featuring some major improvements – Quiz Cat 1.2.

Introducing Quiz Cat Analytics…

Do you want to know how people interact with your quizzes? Look no further – we’ve added two powerful analytics features to Quiz Cat.

1. Funnel Analytics

Our funnel diagram includes every step of your quiz:


Using our new analytics feature, you’ll know how effective your quizzes are and be able to identity hidden bottlenecks.

Quiz Result Analytics

Interested in your users’ quiz results? This new chart has you covered.


Pretty cool, huh? Analytics is part of our Quiz Cat Business & Elite plans. Want access? You can purchase Quiz Cat here, or upgrade your plan here.

GetResponse & Aweber integrations

Our lead generation quiz – feature is pretty popular and we’ve gotten lots of request for new providers. That’s why we’ve just added support for the email marketing providers GetResponse and Aweber to Quiz Cat.

Advanced Quiz Features

Based on frequent feature requests, we’ve added the following features to Quiz Cat Premium:

1. Hide quiz answers

Don’t want to show your users the correct answers? This feature lets you hide correct answers from your users.


2. Quiz restart button

Want to add a “restart quiz” button to your results page? This feature is for you. Here’s a screenshot:

Restart quiz button

3. Allow more than 4 answers for tests

Until this release, tests have been limited to 4 answers per questions. Now you can add unlimited answers to tests.

More options to change frontend text

Want to change the default text of your quiz (eg. “Start Quiz”)? Now every text string can be changed, click here for more instructions.

Let us know what you think about these changes. Do you have any questions or feature requests? Leave a comment below.

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