Post Boxes: Add inline optin forms to your WordPress posts & pages

Do you want to add beautiful optin forms to your posts or pages? Optin Cat’s Post Boxes are your friend.

The bottom of a blog post is a great place to ask for an optin. Someone who has just taken the time to read one of your posts is clearly engaged, and much more likely to opt in. That’s why a well-placed optin form right beneath your post can make a huge difference.

Adding optin forms to your posts is easy with our in-line Post Boxes. Simply choose a layout, style it with our point & click builder and it add to your blog. You can add your Post Box manually to a post or page using a shortcode. Or, you can automatically add your Post Box it to the bottom of all of your posts, or all posts of a specific tag or category, with a single click.

Optin Cat comes with a number of beautiful pre-designed post boxes. Wanna make your post box fit in with the rest of your site. No problem? Modifying your design using our powerful Optin Cat Builder is a breeze.