Optin Cat 1.8 Adds Better Design Options, Powerful Interface Improvements & More

David Hehenberger December 8, 2016

We’ve just shipped Optin Cat 1.8. This is the best version of Optin Cat yet – it’s more customizable, more beautiful and more powerful. You’ll love it =)

While some of our releases focus on adding features for Optin Cat Premium customers, this release comes with tons of improvements for both free & paid users.

Powerful Design Options

We’ve made some major improvements to our optin form designer, giving you more flexibility to customize your forms.

Customize Button, Input & Form width

You can now customize the width of your form, your button and the name & email input fields. This gives you the ability to create forms that fit in better with your site.


Show/hide toggles for most form elements

We now let you hide virtually element of your optin form. We even added a nifty indicator to the editor that shows if an element is hidden or not.

You can now hide the following elements:


Customize Button Colors

Until recently we’ve automatically calculated button border & hover colors. While this reduced the number of input fields and made the interface simpler, we’ve gotten a number of requests to add this feature.


With Optin Cat 1.8 you can now fully customize your buttons to your liking.

Display “Thank You Message” Immediately

We’ve added the option to display a “Thank You Message” immediately (instead of forcing a redirect) to Optin Cat Premium a year ago. We’ve now re-evaluated this decision and added this feature to our free plugin.


Optin Cat Premium has tons of powerful features focused on increasing conversions. However, this feature mainly makes it easier & faster to set up optin forms for you – the end user. Ease of use &  customization options are a priority, so we’ve decided to roll this feature out to all users.


Speaking of “Thank You” messages – you can now set up the redirect to go to any URL.


Beautiful Form Submission Animation

We’ve re-done our form submission animation from scratch.






Much better, huh? Worry not, the “Subscribing…” message can be changed in the form editor.


Active Campaign Integration (Premium Only)


We’re happy to announce a new integration – ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is a great email marketing & marketing automation tool that’s popular with many bloggers and marketers. You can learn more about ActiveCampaign here.

Interface Improvements

Optin Cat 1.8 comes features our best form editor to date. Improvements include a live preview containing each element’s content, a headline featuring the optin’s name & type, as well as better placement of the “change layout” button.


Optin Cat 1.8 ‘s overall focus is customizability. This release focuses both on making it easier & faster to customize forms, as well as giving you more powerful customization options to build that perfect optin form.

What are your thoughts on this update? You can leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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