Optin Cat 1.6 Adds Popup Auto-Focus, MailChimp Groups & “Under the Hood” Improvements

David Hehenberger August 7, 2016

We’ve recently shipped some cool improvements with version 1.6 of Optin Cat, our WordPress email list building plugin. Read this post to learn about all the new features & improvements in Optin Cat 1.6.

Boost Conversions Using “Popup Auto-Focus”

We’re pumped about this small, but useful improvement. Going forward, your visitor’s cursor will be automatically focused on your popup as soon as it appears.


This makes subscribing to your list much easier & faster, resulting in more conversions.

Best of all, there’s nothing you need to do to enable his feature – all popups will auto-focus as soon as you update to the latest version of Optin Cat.

Segment Your List Using MailChimp Interest Groups (Premium Only)

For those of you who use MailChimp, their interest groups feature is a great way to segment your subscribers.

Essentially, segmenting your list lets you send better targeted content to your subscribers. This results in higher open rates, more engagement and more sales.

For example, you could mark people who subscribe after reading a blog post about SEO as “interested in SEO”. You can then tailor your content based on this information, eg. sending more SEO related content or offering SEO consulting services to people who are interested in SEO.

Setting up MailChimp Interest Groups

MailChimp interest groups is a “Power Up” that needs to be enabled by going to Optin Cat -> Power Ups.

Afterwards, you can add interest groups to your form from our editor.

For full instructions, go here.

“Under the Hood” Improvements

We’ve re-written large parts of our optin form builder. While it looks pretty much the same (except some tiny visual tweaks, such as nicer color pickers), the new editor is faster & performs better. This will save you time when building & editing optin forms. (We’re talking about the load-speed of the Optin Cat editor in your wp-admin here. The user-facing part of Optin Cat has always been super fast & performant.)

Not only will you benefit from faster load-times when editing optin forms, these enhancements will make it easier for us to add more features in the future. We’ve got some pretty amazing improvements planned for Optin Cat over the next few months, so stay tuned =)


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