Optin Cat 1.4 Adds Popup Effects, UI Improvements & Various Small Improvements

David Hehenberger October 2, 2015

I’m happy to announce a major new release of Optin Cat, which adds an exciting new feature and various improvements.

Stand Out From The Crowd Using Popup Effects

So many websites out there use popups these days. Our “Effects” feature lets your popups stand out from the crowd using some attention drawing entrance effects.

Optin Cat comes with a total of 29 unique CSS3 effects. Below are some examples.

Note: beneath animated images are shot at 12 frames per second, meaning that they are not completely smooth. The actual animations are smoothly displayed in all browsers.

“Bounce” Popup Effect


“Rotate In” Popup Effect


“Swing” Popup Effect


Enabling Popup Effects

To enable Effects, go to “Power Ups” and check “Effects”.

Then, create a new popup or open an existing popup, scroll down to the “Power Ups” section, check “Effects” and select an effect of your choice.

Effects are included with the Optin Cat Elite plan. If you’re an existing user you can upgrade at cost using these instructions. Don’t worry – we’ll continue adding more improvements to the personal & business plans with future updates.

Nicer Looking UI

We’ve completely revamped the “Choose a Layout” screen (which, honestly, was quite ugly before).


Bugfixes & Minor Improvements

Roadmap / Next Steps

The next big thing on our todo list is Optin Cat 1.5 which will add more optin form layouts. We’ll also be looking at improving the performance of our optin form editor in the WordPress backend which is a little bit slow to load right now.

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