Optin Cat 1.3 Adds Analytics, Mobile Popups, Exit Intervention, Offers & More

David Hehenberger May 27, 2015

After hundreds of hours of hard work, I’m stoked to announce the release of Optin Cat 1.3 (formerly known as “Easy Opt-ins”).

V1.3 comes with tons of small and big improvements that will let your convert even more blog visitors into email subscribers. Here are the highlights.

(We’re currently rolling out Optin Cat 1.3 as a free update to all existing users. If the update doesn’t yet show up in your WordPress backend, please be patient.).

Gorgeous New Interface

While this plugin has always been very easy to use, the old form customizer looked somewhat ugly. I’m happy to announce that our new customizer looks much more sexy (and fits in with the rest of the WordPress backend).

While we were at it, we added the ability to customize the error text displayed when your visitor enters an invalid email address. This feature was important in order to make sure Optin Cat can be used on non-English speaking sites.


Also, in the “Integrations” part of the user interface you’ll now get feedback if you entered the right or wrong API key.


Analytics & Stats Tracking

This new feature lets you analyze impressions, conversions and conversion rates of each form. Our analytics feature helps you become a better marketer by measuring what works and what doesn’t.



In order to improve compatibility with responsive sites, more WordPress themes and mobile devices we’ve rewritten all of our CSS from scratch. This is an opt-in update, meaning that you’ll have to explicitly give Optin Cat permission to change its CSS.

After updating, you’ll be asked if you want to switch to the new CSS or not. Switching is recommended.

Important: If you switch to the new CSS, please double check your optin forms on your site to make sure everything still looks great. If it doesn’t, you can contact support and/or switch back to the old CSS by going to Power-Ups -> New CSS.


Popups & Two-Step Optins Now Work on Mobile Devices (Premium Only)

Until now, Optin Cat has simply opted to not display popups on tablets or phones.
While this behavoir remains for the free version of Optin Cat, all popups now will display & look great on mobile devices if you use Optin Cat Premium. This will help you get even more email subscribers. (In order to take advantage of this feature, you’ll have to switch to the new CSS mentioned above).


GetResponse and Drip Integrations (Premium Only)

We’re happy to announce that Optin Cat now works with GetResponse and Drip.

We expect to release another update that adds a lot of additional integrations sometime next month, so stay tuned.

Exit Intervention Feature (Business & Elite Plans only)

Business & Elite users now have access to our Exit Intervention Popup trigger. This will trigger a popup if your visitor is about to leave your website.

Offers Feature (Business & Elite Plans only)

The best way to grow your email list is to offer your visitors an incentive that they really want, such as a PDF, in exchange for their email address.

This tactic is even more effective if you set up specific offers based on the blog post or blog category (often referred to as “content upgrades”). For example, I’ve gotten a ton of optins in my blog post on building business dashboards since I offer a downloadable spreadsheet template in exchange for an email address.

Delivering content upgrades and optin baits is a hassle with most email marketing tools. Our “Offers” feature allows you to set up “thank you” emails with download links straight from your WordPress backend.


If you’re curious about how exactly Offers works, please refer to our knowledge base article on how Offers works.

Future Roadmap

The biggest 3 things which we’ll be releasing over the coming weeks are:

  1. More optin layouts for Optin Cat Premium.
  2. More email provider integrations.
  3. A bunch of additional user interface improvements to make the interface more beautiful + even easier.

What do you think about this update? Do you have any feature suggestions? Please leave a comment below.


PS, You can get Optin Cat Premium here if you want to get serious about growing your list.

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