How To Integrate Easy Pricing Tables With PayPal

Easy Pricing Tables easily integrates With PayPal’s checkout process. Use their default email button link right in the tables.

Before you begin:
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1. Create a PayPal Button.

If you haven’t created a PayPal button yet, go here to create your buy now button. Hit ‘Create Button’ when you are done.

2. Get “Email” link

On the next page, click on the “EMAIL” tab.

Next, copy the “EMAIL” link:


3. Add the link to Easy Pricing Tables

Paste your PayPal email link into the “Button URL” field in the Easy Pricing Tables settings screen.

You’ll have to create a separate PayPal button & link for each of your pricing tiers or product plans.

Using a shopping cart or membership plugin?

If your shopping cart or membership plugin (e.g. S2 Member) generates PayPal buttons via shortcodes, check out this article.

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