How To Use the 1-Click Stripe Add-On

With WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe and Easy Pricing Tables 1 click integration setting up your payments is easy.

Before you begin:
This feature is available with a Business, or Elite license of Easy Pricing Tables, and  all levels of WP Simple Pay Pro. (Click the links if you’d like to purchase.)

This article refers to only WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe v3.0 and above. For customers still using v2.5 see this article:

Pictures say more than 1000 words, so here’s what the Stripe Checkout Form looks like, when connected to a pricing table:

Combining Easy Pricing Tables & WP Simple Pay Pro for Stripe results in a simple, beautiful, conversion optimized shopping cart that can be set up in 2 minutes.

Before you begin:
Make sure you have setup WP simple Pay Pro, and have appropriate checkout forms ready.

When editing or creating your tables you will see this Stripe button above every column.

All you have to do is click the Stripe button, and select your checkout form from the drop down.

Easy Pricing Tables will automatically fill in the name, pricing, and URL with built in shortcodes. Just add some features and a monthly/yearly field if needed, and you’re ready to go.

Using “On Page Display” Options:

On Page Display Options
are the checkout options that display, next to your checkout buttons, before the payment modal is opened. Things like quantity, and coupon fields.

By default, Easy Pricing Tables will use it’s own built in checkout button, but you may need to override our button with WP Simple Pays if you’re using any on page display options with your checkout forms. Keep reading for more details.

To add the on page display options inside your tables, you must use the standard WP Simple Pay button, instead of ours. To replace the built in button for Easy Pricing Tables, you use your normal Payment Form Shortcode.

You will need to wrap the shortcode you’d normally use in our shortcode brackets. Looks like this:

[shortcode][simpay id="174"][/shortcode]

you can place this in the button text, or URL field, as it will override them both.

Please note:
This will use all WP Simple Pay Pro for stripes default styles and settings. This includes button text and the look of the on-page display options. You may need to customize their look to adapt them to your tables.

And that’s all there is to Using the 1-Click Stripe Add-On.

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