How To Build a ‘Test’ with Quiz Cat

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‘Test’s’ are right/wrong answer based quizzes, and can be set up in a variety of ways, for many purposes

Results can appear at the end of the quiz, or after each question. This allows for different uses (a traditional test, or for review/practice). In this article we go over setting up  a test style quiz.

Before you begin:
This article is applicable to both free and premium customers, but references some premium only features. Head here if you have questions about features available to you.

Here’s a short video tutorial on the subject! More details below:


1. In your WordPress dashboard you’ll see an option for Quiz Cat on the side. You will go here to add or edit your quizzes.

2. Click ‘Add New’ and select ‘Test’ to begin. You’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:


Please Note: Free users do not have to select quiz type and are directed straight here.

3. Add a title for your quiz and use the description field to give your viewers any relevant details on your quiz. You can also add an image for your quiz title:


5. Then begin making your individual questions:

(a) Make a Question.

(b) Make your Answers. One right, and at least one wrong.


  • The ‘Correct Answer’ Is always first, but the answers are shuffled for the viewer.
  • You can have as many questions, and answers, as you’d like.
  • (Premium users only) You can add images to the answers, or use the images for answers!
  • You may reorder your questions by dragging and dropping them, or have them displayed in a random order.

6. Now Set up your results.

(a) Select how many different result you would like.

(b) Choose what to be displayed for each result.


  • You can add a Title, image and description to each individual result.
  • You can use as many results as you have questions.
  • If you have less, it will create averages for you (eg: 5 questions w/ 2 results, will provide a 0-2, and a 3-5 category)

7. Now choose your settings. Here you can:

  • View your quiz’s shortcode.
  • Toggle ‘Hide answers until end of quiz’ (This creates a list of right/wrong info to appear under their results, rather than as each question is answered).
  • Toggle ‘Shuffle question order’ (This will cause the questions to be displayed to viewers in a random order).
  • (Premium only) Enable ‘Explanations’, ‘Result Redirects’, customize button and hover colors, and setup ‘Social Sharing’, and email provider integrations. Learn more about these features in our other articles.

8. Make sure to save you quiz. Now all that’s left for you to do is deploy your quiz! You can do this one of two ways:

A) Head to the page or post where you would like your quiz to appear, and add a Quiz widget block in the gutenberg editor. Then just select the proper quiz from the dropdown.

B) Or just paste the shortcode for your quiz into a shortcode block in any page or post where you’d like it.

Be sure to save the post, and you’re done.

That’s all there is to creating ‘Tests’ with Quiz Cat.

If you still need assistance with this, or anything else regarding our plugins please feel free contact our support at

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