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How To Build A ‘Personality Quiz’ with Quiz Cat

Personalty Quizzes are a dynamic tool that lets users easily create engaging, multiple category quizzes.

Rather than organizing answers as just right or wrong, it allows points to be added into multiple unique categories, for every answer. The viewer will be shown the category or personality, they scored the highest in.

This allows for endless uses as a marketing tool, as a way to gather leads, a way for you to reach the best target audience, just as good plain entertainment, or anything else you can imagine. Best of all we’ve created a fun and easy to use interface to make this all possible.

Before you begin:
‘Personality Quizzes’ are available to Quiz Cat Premium customers only. Head here if you’d like to purchase


1. In your WordPress dashboard, you’ll see an option for Quiz Cat on the side. You will go here to add or edit your quizzes.

2. Click ‘Add New’ and select a Personality Quiz to begin. You’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:


3. Add a title for your quiz and use the description field to give your viewers any relevant details on your quiz. You can also add an image for your quiz title:


4. Now set up your quiz results, in the form of different personalities, or categories.

  • Set a title, description, and add an image if you’d like, for each personality.
  • You can have answers target multiple categories, one point is added to each category targeted upon an answer.
  • If a viewer ties on two or more personalities Quiz Cat will choose one at random.

5. Now create your questions and answers. Make sure to assign a personality to each answer.



  • You can add images to each question
  • You can add images to each answer, or use images for answers
  • Answers can add points to multiple personalities. This can make quizzes much more intuitive.
  • You can have as many questions as you’d like
  • You can have as many answers as you want for each question

6. Results. once you’re done with your questions, next is the Result.

  • View your quiz’s shortcode.
  • Toggle ‘Shuffle question order’ (This will cause the questions to be displayed to viewers in a random order).
  • (Premium only) Enable ‘Explanations’, ‘Result Redirects’, customize button and hover colors, and setup ‘Social Sharing’, and email provider integrations. Learn more about these features in our other articles.


7. Make sure to save your quiz. Now all that’s left for you to do is deploy your quiz!

Just paste the shortcode for your quiz into a shortcode block on any page or post where you’d like it.


Be sure to save the post, and you’re done. That’s all there is to building an engaging, interactive, Personality Quiz! You can choose to enable lead capture and even social sharing, but we go over those in another article.

If you still need assistance with this or anything else regarding our plugins please feel free to contact our support at fatcatapps.com/support/.

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