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How to use Pixel Cat on my AMP Enabled Pages

Pixel Cat now supports your Google AMP-enabled pages and posts.

Google AMP (or Accelerated Mobile Pages) is growing in popularity. It’s now very easy to activate your pixel so that it will track the activity on your AMP-enabled pages and posts.

Before you begin:
You will need to have any level of Pixel Cat Premium installed, as well as have AMP enabled using one of the following plugins.

AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages
AMP for WordPress
AMP WooCommerce

Once you have your pages and posts running successfully with AMP, you can enable our integration. Simply head to the Settings area and turn on “AMP Support”

Once enabled, all your pages and posts that support AMP will now also fire “PageView” pixel events. That’s all it takes.

You will need to make sure your site is working for AMP-enabled pages. If you are having any trouble enabling your website for AMP with the above plugin, please contact their support.

AMP does not support the code necessary for a lot of custom events, to our knowledge. “PageView” events will automatically fire, but most other events will not work. We are still investigating this and hope to make improvements in the future.

That’s all their is to activating pixel tracking for your AMP pages and posts.

Have any questions or suggestions for us? Please contact us here.

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