How to Create a WooCommerce Pricing Table

Andrew Buck June 16, 2021

WooCommerce is the 2nd largest e-commerce software platform by market share in the world – only trailing Squarespace, in 1st position, by a fraction of a percent.

Nearly one quarter of all online stores run on WooCommerce. If your store is built on WordPress, the world’s most popular website building platform (by far), it’s almost certain you’re running WooCommerce.

WooCommerce makes it easy to build the foundation of your online store, like creating and listing products, and taking orders.

However, you may find it a little more complicated to build advanced functionality for your store, especially if you’re new to the WooCommerce platform.

One such case is building a pricing table – for many types of products or services, a pricing table is essential to educate your potential customers, promote your products, and make sales.

Read on, and I’ll walk you through how to create a beautiful and effective WooCommerce pricing table.

Why your WooCommerce site needs a pricing table

To be fair, not every WooCommerce store needs a pricing table.

WooCommerce generates product pages for you, which you can use to display individual products. You can showcase your entire range of products, or separate categories or selections, in an easy-to-follow grid.

This works great if you’ve got a large catalogue. However, in other cases, a pricing table is more suitable.

A pricing table lets customers easily compare the features of several different products, plans or services.

Easily laying out pros and cons, different features, as well as pricing details makes it really easy for your customers to come to a purchasing decision. Meaning more sales.

It also gives you a great opportunity to upsell customers. If someone’s leaning towards a cheaper product, service or subscription tier, you can push them to make a more expensive purchase with a well-made pricing table.

Even sites with a large product range, which would not traditionally use a pricing table, could use a comparison table on individual product pages, to show the advantages for customers should they upgrade to a more expensive product or plan.

The best WooCommerce pricing table plugin

WooCommerce is a good platform on its own. But third-party plugins make it great.

Specifically, you’ll want to use a plugin to create your pricing table on your WooCommerce store.

The best and most reliable WooCommerce pricing table plugin is Easy Pricing Tables. This plugin makes it easy (get it?) to create and format your pricing table. It also features an integration for WooCommerce, to allow you to pull product names, pricing and images to automatically populate your table.

Easy Pricing Tables focuses on speed and usability, making it a great choice for your WooCommerce store.

How to download & install Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables has both free and premium versions available.

To download and install Easy Pricing Tables free, just go to the “plugins” tab on your WordPress dashboard, hit “Add New”, and search for “pricing tables”. Find “Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin – Easy Pricing Tables”.

Hit “Install Now”, then “Activate”.

If you need more advanced functionality, such as pricing toggles, comparison tables, and the full range of layouts, you’ll want to get the premium version of Easy Pricing Tables.

Easy Pricing Tables Premium also features a dedicated WooCommerce integration, which makes it a lot easier to build tables, especially for stores with a lot of products.

To get Easy Pricing Tables premium, purchase a license here.

Once you complete the purchase, you’ll get a download link for the plugin. Click that, and download Easy Pricing Tables premium.

Go back to the plugin tab in your WordPress dashboard. Hit “Add New”, then “Upload Plugin”.

Upload the .zip file you downloaded from the Fatcat Apps website, and activate your plugin.

Building your pricing table

Once you’ve activated the plugin, just go to a post and add the “Pricing Table” block. Choose the layout that works best for you.

Your pricing table will now show up in the post editor:

With this, 90% of the work of building a pricing table is done. Coding a table from scratch takes a long time. With a plugin like Easy Pricing Tables, all the heavy lifting is done for you.

To complete your pricing table, enter the details of your plan, product or service in the pricing table block. You can add or change your pricing, plan names, button text and any features you want to list, with the point and click editor.

You’ll also need to set a link for customers to go to when they click the button on your table (buttons can be disabled under the “Misc settings” on the sidebar).

The sidebar is also where you can customize the design of your table, such as colors, fonts, and additional settings.

WooCommerce integration

You can go to the sidebar to automatically add your WooCommerce products to a column on your pricing table.

Doing this will pull the product name, image, and price, and fill these details in the pricing table.

Linking a column with a product from your WooCommerce catalogue will also link the button text to your checkout page.

A really cool feature is that your pricing table will automatically update when your WooCommerce product does.

That means if you’ve used the WooCommerce integration, whenever you update the product name, pricing, or featured image, your pricing table will update as well.

All in all, you can have a pricing table ready to display, built from the ground up in less than 5 minutes.

No coding necessary, and no upkeep required when you update your products.

Creating a pricing table with WooCommerce Storefront Pricing Tables

Another option to create pricing tables in WooCommerce is with the WooCommerce storefront pricing tables extension.

This lets you create a simple, multi-column pricing table for your WooCommerce products. There’s no coding required, but it does require the use of shortcodes 

Your table will look something like this in the post editor: [pricing_column id=”107″ image=”true” title=”Bronze Membership” features=”Here’s an bronze feature|Here’s another bronze feature”]

This option also automatically updates products as you edit them in your store. Since the table uses your product ID, as long as the ID stays the same, the table will update any time you make changes to your product name, image or price.

You’ll have a few options to customize your table’s design as well:

Be aware that this method requires first the “Storefront Pricing Tables” extension, which you can download from the official WooCommerce site, for a $19 annual license fee.

It also works just with the Storefront theme – the official WooCommerce theme. If you want to use a different theme on your site, you won’t be able to use the pricing tables extension.

Advantages of Easy Pricing Tables

While WooCommerce does offer their own tool to build pricing tables with the Storefront Pricing Tables extension, it’s not the best. There are a few reasons why a third-party plugin like Easy Pricing Tables is a better option, even at a slightly higher price point.

Easy Pricing Tables makes it easier to customize the design of your table. Colors, fonts, text size, and more minor adjustments are very easy to make, and show in real time in the post editor.

Being able to make a toggle to easily switch between two different price segments is super important for subscription businesses, as well as shops that may want to show products in different currencies. Easy Pricing Tables lets you do this.

Setting up the basic elements – such as plan and product details – is a lot quicker too. The point-and-click editor of Easy Pricing Tables is great for this.

While shortcodes are a popular tool for WordPress plugins to display rich design elements, like tables, the truth is that they are not the most user-friendly. Building expansive elements with shortcodes requires you to constantly update and preview the page to see what it looks like live. This can be quite time consuming, especially when needing to make a lot of small changes to your table.

The plugin also offers several professional designs, which are set up to make your WooCommerce pricing table look great, and convert.

You don’t sacrifice any usability with WooCommerce either, due to the seamless integration with your WooCommerce catalogue.

So, by using Easy Pricing Tables on your WooCommerce store, you’ll:

It’s a big reason why Easy Pricing Tables has been one of the most popular WordPress pricing table plugins for many years now, generating over a half a million downloads on

Other options – tiered pricing tables

How about some other options, for slightly different pricing table use cases?

Outside of a traditional multi-product pricing table or comparison table, you may want to build a tiered pricing table.

For example, this would let you show bulk pricing – say, 10% off for 5 or more products, 20% off for 10 or more.

You can set this up with Easy Pricing Tables too, and a little customization.

You could create a pricing table or comparison table showing the different pricing tiers, rather than different products. 

Or, you could create a pricing table with a toggle that shows two different pricing tiers. This is awesome when you want to show tiered pricing at the same time as several different product variations.

Alternatively, if you need more extensive options for a tiered pricing display, you can check out a couple of plugins and extensions that handle tiered pricing tables specifically.

There’s a premium WooCommerce add-on called Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce, or a free WordPress plugin called WooCommerce Tiered Price Table, which are both set up for this purpose.

WooCommerce Pricing Table Plugin: In Summary

To sum up, the best way to add a pricing table (or multiple tables) to your WooCommerce site is with a plugin like Easy Pricing Tables.

A pricing table can do wonders for your sales. Pricing tables are useful for educating your customers on different products, plans, or subscription tiers, and what they get out of each one.

They can also be used to up-sell customers to a higher value purchase, by clearly displaying the additional value they’re going to get out of a more expensive product.

For service or subscription businesses, a pricing table is the bare minimum if you want to make sales.

When you use Easy Pricing Tables, you’re getting a plugin that takes away 90% of the heavy lifting involved in coding a pricing table and making it look great. All you need to do is fill it in with the vital details about your product, and fit the color scheme to that of your website.

From installation to publishing, your pricing table will be ready to go, looking beautiful, in under 5 minutes.

About Fatcat Apps

We are Fatcat Apps – designers of the Easy Pricing Tables plugin, as well as multiple other smooth and easy to use WordPress plugins.

Since 2013, we’ve been making plugins for WordPress. Our company’s focus is on creating useful products that solve a problem for WordPress users with minimal fuss.

Whether you need to build a pricing table, add the Facebook Pixel to your site, or create viral quizzes, we’ve got the best tool to do it. Best of all, you know with a Fatcat Apps plugin, it’s going to be super simple and easy to set up, and you’ve got the best support ready to help with anything you need. 

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