How to Make a Pricing Table for Elementor with Easy Pricing Tables

Andrew Buck June 21, 2021

There are some pretty awesome tools out there for building WordPress websites. One of the best is Elementor – a visual page building tool used by more than 8 million sites. Elementor lets you create beautiful websites without coding, with a really intuitive drag and drop editor.

Elementor is a great fit for many different businesses and websites. Some build their whole site in Elementor, some only make key pages with this tool – such as a home page, landing pages, or key feature pages.

It’s quite common to use Elementor to create a pixel-perfect, high-converting landing page or pricing page. One where you’re looking to convince the reader of the value you have to offer, and convert them into a customer.

In most cases, this means you’ll want a pricing table on this page, to show the features of your products, plans or services, and give your visitor the last little push to close the sale.

Read on, and we’ll explain how you can build and publish a high-converting and professional-looking pricing table in Elementor.

Advantages of the Easy Pricing Tables Plugin

There are many WordPress pricing table plugins out there today, but none that are as easy, user-friendly, and as well suited to work with Elementor as Easy Pricing Tables.

Easy Pricing Tables is – you guessed it – easy! It’s the best way for someone to build a pricing table with zero coding, little to no knowledge of design, and minimal time to spend on your table.

This is in line with the principles of the Elementor plugin. If you’re using this on your site, it’s most likely because you appreciate the ease of the drag and drop editing process.

Easy Pricing Tables offers the same convenience, with a point and click visual editor to build your tables with. The live editor lets you see how your changes will look in real time, and just about everything – including colors and fonts – can be edited with a single click.

It also comes with the added advantages of a number of pre-built, professionally-designed templates, that help you publish your table that much faster, as well as a one-click WooCommerce integration, for ecommerce sites using WordPress.

Finally, Easy Pricing Tables is designed to make it easy to publish pricing tables in Elementor, and other page builder tools. Not all WordPress plugins function smoothly with page builders – so you want to make sure you choose a plugin that has been designed with tools like Elementor in mind.

Building Your Elementor Pricing Table

The process of building a pricing table and adding it to a page in Elementor could not be much easier.

First, you’ll need to install the Easy Pricing Tables plugin. The Premium version is recommended for the full range of features, as well as all the pre-built templates on offer. However, if you want to try it out for free first, you can do so by downloading the lite version from

Install and activate the plugin, and you’re ready to go.

Step One: Create a New Table

First, you’ll go to the plugin dashboard to create a new table.

While you can build and publish pricing tables directly in the Gutenberg block editor with Easy Pricing Tables, there is a separate editor if you wish to build pricing tables to be published somewhere else – such as the classic editor, or a page builder.

Find the “Pricing Tables” icon in the sidebar menu, hover over it and hit Add New.

Step Two: Choose Your Template

Choose a pricing table template to start with. If you’re using the premium version of Easy Pricing Table, you’ll have the full range of varied design options to choose from, including a comparison table template.

Step Three: Edit Your Plan, Product or Service Details

Once you’ve chosen your template, just point, click and type to edit your text – pricing, plan names, features and button text.

Try to include only the most important or relevant information in your pricing table – you don’t want to overload your viewers with too many details.

Along with adding text to your Call to Action buttons, add a URL for the button to lead to. This will usually be a checkout page, an Add to Cart URL, or a payment page with something like Stripe or PayPal.

If you’re using WooCommerce (and you have the premium version of Easy Pricing Tables), you can also use the one-click WooCommerce integration to pull the product name and price from your WooCommerce store.

This will fill the CTA button with a link to your WooCommerce checkout page, as well as keeping the pricing table updated as your pricing or product name changes.

Step Four: Customize Your Table Design

Now you can customize the design of your table. The sidebar gives you convenient color pickers and font pickers that will let you edit the majority of how your table looks.

Above the table, the block settings let you format your text, like changing the size, or adding bold/italics/strikethrough text.

Give your table a name to easily identify it, and you’re good to go. Hit “Update” to save your table.

Step Five: Add Your Table to Elementor

Now you are ready to go to the page you want the pricing table to be published on.

In Elementor, choose the Shortcode widget.

From the Easy Pricing Tables plugin dashboard, get the shortcode for your pricing table. Paste this in the shortcode field in Elementor.

Your pricing table should now show up in the page with Elementor. When you’re done editing the rest of your page, go ahead and publish.

How About Other Page Builders?

Elementor is the most popular page builder for WordPress. However, there are a number of other competing tools, with pretty large user bases of their own.

These include Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder and Divi, to name a few.

So, will the same process work for building pricing tables with these tools?


That’s what makes Easy Pricing Tables so convenient. The standalone visual builder, with simple shortcode publishing, means you can publish tables just about anywhere in WordPress – whether it’s the classic editor, Elementor, Divi or Thrive Architect.

If it supports shortcodes, you’re good.

And how about the Gutenberg block editor, which is being used more and more as a page building tool of its own?

You’re in luck here, as Easy Pricing Tables is actually designed, first and foremost, for the block editor. It’s even easier to build and publish a pricing table this way. Simply insert the Pricing Tables block, edit and customize your table, and publish.

If you want to start building modern, high-converting pricing tables for your own site, try Easy Pricing Tables. The Premium version comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to you if it’s not just what you’re after.

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